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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. He’s always been about contrast.
  2. He’s literally so attractive.

    His Coachella set was super fun also. Clearly thrown together last minute, but a bop is a bop! The SHM element was a little awkward, though, even though I was going off during that as well.
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  3. OK ARMS.

    The set was super fun, pretty much non stop hits and bops.
  4. He looks even better with some scruff too. Legend.
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  5. Whew the way I completely forgot about this album. There's stuff here to enjoy for sure but sadly nothing comes close to the epic singles from the previous album (maybe Less Than Zero).
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  6. If I speak

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  8. Posting my alt?!
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  9. upload_2022-4-21_12-7-20.png

    "Out Of Time (KAYTRANADA Remix)" out midnight alongside radio edit and instrumental.
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  10. KAYTRANADA remix EP of Out of Time out now:

  11. Oh, yes, this is it
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  12. I’ve listened to this a dozen times this morning. Match made in heaven.
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  13. For some reason the Agents of Time remix of "Take My Breath" from the Dawn FM Alternate World version is blanked out at the moment on Spotify. The music video for it is still up on his YouTube though.

    The Kaytranada remix of "Out Of Time" is alright. Definitely won't beat the original that's for sure.
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  14. Oh weird it’s gone for me too. Not even blanked out – completely removed. I was just listening to it a couple days ago.
  15. The summery haze of Out Of Time has made it a favorite of mine since the album's release, so this remix is truly the pairing of my dreams. Divine.
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  16. I know it’s unlikely, but I’d love a 7” vinyl for this. My favorite artwork of the era and I cannot stop playing the remix.
  17. Oh, yikes
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  18. That really does sound like it's been a disaster. Can you imagine what this is all going to cost? I won't be surprised if it ends up getting scrapped altogether now.
  19. Considering Sam Levinson’s involvement and knowing the disaster that Euphoria was behind the scenes, this isn’t entirely surprising. I doubt they’ll scrap it, though.
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