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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Looking at that cast list, maybe a re-cast is a good thing dd.
  2. A re-cast after they've filmed multiple episodes (when there's only six episodes to start with)? This is gonna be a trainwreck.
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  3. Everything about this man reads biggest ego on the planet
  4. The show was already giving A Star Is Born, but this kind of seals it dd. Also doing reshoots for a 7 episode series when you’ve filmed 5 of them is a mess. But I assume HBO is onboard with the choice, or else they would have just told Abel and Sam to sit down and stop playing with their money. Also is this supposed to be a mini series, or something they expected to go beyond that?
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  5. I'll be honest, his career has been so flawless the past few years that I'm kind of gagging for a flop and some mess to dive into. Are you even a big pop girl if you've not had a disastrous film or TV project at some point in your career we can kii over?
  6. Yeah, he’s kind of due for it. Not that I’m actively rooting for it, just not surprised it’s happening.
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  7. It’s… interesting, to me alone probably, that they’re bringing in Sam for the reshoots, when a) I have to think HBO want him cramming to write Euphoria season three sooner than later and b) he doesn’t exactly have a strong masculine perspective as a creator, in fact quite the opposite on the binary scale. Feels like Abel isn’t exactly being the easiest to work with, and they want a celebrity hand-holder.
  8. Yes cause what tv really needs is another show told from a male's perspective dd...

    Also someone posted this in the replies.
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  9. Do we know if the Target exclusive vinyl is a 2LP?
  10. The mock-up only shows one disc, so I don’t know if that’s any indication.
  11. The "female perspective" soundbite is not gonna go over well when combining it with Sam Levinson, who is already gaining a bad rep for his actions.
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  12. Oh yeah, he was getting roasted in the quotes on tweets about it. I mean, rightfully so. He’s already known for being a toxic figure within his music, so on one hand this shouldn’t be surprising, but I think people generally considered that to be a character, so it kind of is? It really hinges on the “female perspective” bit. Even though it’s not actually a direct quote, the optics aren’t cute. His subreddit is completely split between one half of his fans calling it misogynist and the other very much disagreeing with that and losing their minds trying to defend it dd. This whole situation from what we’ve heard is so wildly unprofessional and messy. Especially if the screenshots going around about how it went down are legit.
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  13. Oh?
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  14. I forsee some major backlash if the show ends up being bad. Cause there's some side eye worthy things about it already. I can only imagine what it's gonna be like if it leans even more into his "male perspective".
  15. I mean the lyrical content of his music has been questionable for awhile and he’s been called out but nothing major so it will be a kii if this is what finally does it.
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  16. The silver swirl looks like a serve. Might have to go with this over that 2LP black with the old man face cover.

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  17. The tweet @slaybellz posted was deleted, but it basically had a screenshot from an IG story of someone who was working on the show that said the reports going around aren’t accurate and that everything shut down a week before they were due to wrap shooting. They were told that the writers (Sam?) were reworking the final episode, and then I think some time passed where they heard nothing and they were eventually told they were reshooting the whole thing, so everyone working on the show left. I think I got that right. I’m going off memory.
  18. Thanks!

    Obviously the optics of this are not good and I definitely (wrongly?) expected better of him if the 'female perspective' stuff is accurate, but I do have a bias for a good Hollywood mess and was probably only in for the bops anyways. So let me grab my popcorn.
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