The Weeknd - Dawn FM

It really hinges on the “female perspective” bit. Even though it’s not actually a direct quote, the optics aren’t cute.

Yeah, no doubt Abel has issues with the messaging his lyrics and persona present, but this not being a direct quote is troublesome. On one hand, if he is a producer, star, and creator of the show, I don't fault him for being annoyed if things seemingly veered off of his original vision. Like dude probably wants to be the main character. The phrasing on the other hand...
The alternate cover on vinyl is serving, your honor.

I've tried getting into this album but honestly, I think I'm just too tired of him to appreciate it. His kind of chrome, technically perfect but utterly soulless voice. The way he has absolutely zero personality. The tiresome edgy imagery loaded with machismo to an almost insecure degree. I put the album on and know that I'm listening to good songs but it just bounces right off me and I faze it out by the end of "Sacrifice". All of it was starting to grate on the last album, which again was good but I felt nothing when listening to it, and here it seems to have reached maximum strength where my attention is actively recoiling from it.

Which is my problem obviously! But Lord, the way I couldn't tell you a single thing about anything that happens after the four tracks apart from those weird tractor beam interludes. The way my body is rejecting him! Iconic!

This is kind of where I'm at with this album. It's undeniably well crafted and his singing is technically amazing, but this shit is all blending together (I feel like After Hours had more variety) and I'm very tired of his lyrical themes. And I'm even getting fatigued with his voice, which is very pretty but one note. He sounds exactly the same on every track save the verses of Gasoline, which is probably the most interesting song on the album, if not the best. Less Than Zero is my favorite and feels like it's serving something a bit different than the rest.
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The performance of "Sacrifice" at Coachella truly went off. Being in that crowd was something I'll never forget. I know he's moved onto other singles but I'd love to see some club remixes for it.
I genuinely have no idea who could replace Doja that is like a decent draw? Like, I would have said Swedish House Mafia, but they're doing their own tour dd
It's a tough predicament he's put himself in because when you've got an opener that's that huge, you can't exactly replace her with just anyone can you.

I was thinking SZA would be good as well or Megan. Rosalia if she wasn't going on her own tour.