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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Yeah, no doubt Abel has issues with the messaging his lyrics and persona present, but this not being a direct quote is troublesome. On one hand, if he is a producer, star, and creator of the show, I don't fault him for being annoyed if things seemingly veered off of his original vision. Like dude probably wants to be the main character. The phrasing on the other hand...
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  2. An unboxing on YouTube has proven it's a 2LP. Might have to snatch it now!
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  3. Excited to grab the Target vinyl tomorrow. I haven't overplayed the album so can't wait to give it a spin.
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  4. The alternate cover on vinyl is serving, your honor.

  5. I actually find the original cover so boring. This is so much more aesthetically pleasing.
  6. This is kind of where I'm at with this album. It's undeniably well crafted and his singing is technically amazing, but this shit is all blending together (I feel like After Hours had more variety) and I'm very tired of his lyrical themes. And I'm even getting fatigued with his voice, which is very pretty but one note. He sounds exactly the same on every track save the verses of Gasoline, which is probably the most interesting song on the album, if not the best. Less Than Zero is my favorite and feels like it's serving something a bit different than the rest.
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  7. The performance of "Sacrifice" at Coachella truly went off. Being in that crowd was something I'll never forget. I know he's moved onto other singles but I'd love to see some club remixes for it.
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  8. It's a shame Out of Time is struggling and Sacrifice underperformed when both should be top ten hits at minimum.

    Dawn FM probably would have done a lot better had he waited until September/October. He should have taken a break. It's disappointing because the material is strong and deserves more.
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  9. Good luck filling those seats now... I wonder who will be the replacement.
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  10. The tour is already selling poorly. He really should've done the arena tour this spring.
  11. Just became vastly less interested in this tour…
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  12. When is Dua free
  13. He just should’ve done the original arena tour.
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  14. I genuinely have no idea who could replace Doja that is like a decent draw? Like, I would have said Swedish House Mafia, but they're doing their own tour dd
  15. SZA?
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  16. Jack Harlow dd
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  17. I just know that Bebe Rexha is spam calling Sal as we speak.
  18. It's a tough predicament he's put himself in because when you've got an opener that's that huge, you can't exactly replace her with just anyone can you.

    I was thinking SZA would be good as well or Megan. Rosalia if she wasn't going on her own tour.
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  19. Wasn't Sabrina Claudio the original opener before the delays?
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