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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

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    Ddd remember when The Weeknd was going to support Rihanna in the ANTI Tour in 2016 and he pulled out (he was already big by then it was kind of ridiculous he was going to opening for her anyway) and got replaced by Big Sean and DJ Mustard. I mean Sean was cute but still.

    Maybe it was for the best as seeing my two faves in one night probably would've ended me.
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  2. Apparently some people are starting to get emails confirming this tour / at least some dates are cancelled.

    As said above he really should’ve stuck with the arena shows.
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  3. They're probably going to cancel the shows that aren't selling. It's 80% sold out overall as of April, but there are some shows that have more than 10k tickets left. Stadiums are fine, but I think they booked way too many.

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  4. He should have just kept the previous dates. The tour would have been halfway over (?) by now.
  5. Yes, she’s also on the SALXCO management roster like Bebe and Doja.
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  6. I’d imagine her diary is pretty empty, if they desperately need a replacement opening act…
  7. They should hit up Doechii

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  8. Honestly, he should just call up Lana and Doechii
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  9. The culture clash in the audience if Lana snatches the gig will be historic.
  10. Out of Time is a nice song, but I don't think it really sounds like a hit. Its performance makes sense to me.
  11. Tinashe could open
  12. The way I would sell my soul for this.
  13. I'm sorry but Lana would not make sense at all dd, his fans would be pissed. I know they've collabed but let's be real here.
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  14. His fans ship them pretty hardcore, so I don’t think so. It’s not just about them collaborating a few times - they’re actually friends and have said many times that they are essentially the male and female counterparts to each other.
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  15. His fans already have tickets. He needs to appeal to the general public to shift the 10-20k extra seats. Lana could maybe help do that in 2014.
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  16. And who would do that, realistically, at this point? Lana at least has name recognition and the association with Abel.
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  17. Thus why Doja or the original arena tour would've been ideal. I'm sure SZA, Megan, or someone popular would be good too. I really don't think Lana has the "name" to push seats anymore (her one attempt at an arena tour in the states didn't do well anyways). I'm not sure if an interlude from five years ago is going to push anyone to purchase a ticket.
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  18. Are we sure that's his fans or her fans dd. I just don't feel like there's that much overlap outside of stan twitter. But I could be wrong.

    I dunno, i've seen a lot of people saying they would sell their tickets if the replacement wasn't good.
  19. I wasn’t reading Twitter, I was reading Abel’s subreddit. They go hard for Lana – she is Stargirl. Like, it’s canon for them. They weren’t even thrilled about Doja opening, so.

    Also, yeah, people on Twitter in the quote tweets of Doja’s announcement were taking offers for their tickets as soon as she posted.
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