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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. The average 200 level $100 stadium ticket shopper is not on r/theweeknd or PopJustice.
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  2. Those tickets aren’t going to move regardless, and not everyone is going to be happy with the replacement dd, so he might as well book who he wants. He’s only got a little over a month, so I wish him luck.
  3. I feel like those are the same people dd.

    But anyway I kinda want it to happen now thinking about it more. The thought of her putting a stadium full of people asleep before he comes on has a lot of meme potential.
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  4. Nah, his Reddit stans are like 30 year old white guys. The Twitter stans are, like, young teens.

    Anyway, Lana is incredibly no frills. Requires little to no rehearsal time, she can roll up to the stadium the day of and sing and maybe pop up mid show for a duet, then dip.

    I had to dig this up because it’s pure camp

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  5. If the logic is the tickets aren't going to move regardless...why not just skip an opening act? I know I would rather an empty stage and vamp music than being subject to Lana ddd
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  6. You could just come late x
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  7. Hopefully her stans leave early
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  8. You guys are absolutely insane if you think Lana, who rarely does any type of performances, would not help ticket sales, both with the GP and with Abel's stanbase.

    That being said, it will never happen, because she's too busy driving around Santa Monica, writing bad poetry, and being a recluse.
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  9. Have you looked at the box office scores for her LA To The Moon tour? Or the last time she played shows in the U.S. some of the venues were 1-2k capacity.
  10. Lana whipping out an EDM set to open the show

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  11. 1-2k more ticket sales Abel could use dd.
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  12. You know who could work? Anitta
  13. Honestly I'm kinda living for the schadenfreude of screwing over fans by pulling the arena tour, making them re-buy tickets to replacement shows in draughty stadiums and then not being able to fill said stadiums. Sometimes when you do clownery.
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  14. They definitely over estimated the streams to tickets ratio dd
  15. RMK


    I just looked at Ticketmaster to see what everyone was talking about and yikes. Even his MetLife date isn't doing numbers. I'll snatch tickets with a good deal. Let me stay peeled for this a week before:

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  16. I'll never understand how his team looked at the sales figures from some of the arena shows of the original 2020-2021 tour and said "lets upgrade to stadiums". I also partly put it down to the way Ticketmaster in the US works with all these fluctuating platinum ticket prices.
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  17. Michael Rapino spent all of 2021 claiming 2022 and 2023 would be a "roaring era" for concerts like we've never seen, so I assume Live Nation was hoping Abel's grip on the last two years would translate into ticket sales. They lost over $300 million in Q1 2021 alone, so they want to make it back any way they can. But it's just overly ambitious. It should have been half what they're doing right now.
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  18. RMK


    I wonder who will open, or how close to the date it'll be announced. He need something to drive some extra tickets.
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  19. I agree with that and understand the new mentality of "if your show soldout it was too cheap"... but it's not a few thousand tickets, in some cities it's like 10-16,000 tickets that need to move in the next 2 months.

    While it's evil, I understand putting tickets at $800, maybe selling a few and then dropping them down to a reasonable $200.

    But this is like...entire sections of reasonably priced seats. I just looked at the seat map for Seattle (as its home) and there are sections with rows and rows of double digit priced tickets that still aren't shifting.

    Considering someone like Harry Styles just soldout 15 nights at an arena with upper level tickets priced at $400+, this is bad. He should've gone through with the arena tour or dropped the stadium dates after the Super Bowl.

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