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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Yeah fingers crossed it's all part of a strategy. I guess it worked last time with Save Your Tears.
  2. Not him sounding like a cig
  3. Ok he was right she carried
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  4. Die for You is getting a radio push because of TikTok and the song’s resurgence on Spotify!

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  5. Hinting?

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  6. Looks good!

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  7. He's looks so, so cute recently, I'm feeling things
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  8. The teaser is giving Showgirls.
  9. So, iconic? He’ll never come close to that pool scene I fear.

    I live for anything with a fictional pop star so I’m automatically here for this

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  10. The Idol is giving vaguely misogynistic oversexualized Sam Levinson wet dream. So basically Euphoria.
  11. After three cancellations, finally seeing Abel in like three and a half hours.

    Gasoline...I will be going off

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  12. Double post - and I know the current leg of shows are close to done, but if anyone has the chance to go see him you really must. I'd put him up there with favorite live shows ever (Gaga, George Michael, Beyoncé's I AM...etc).

    I was disappointed at first when the shows were upgraded to stadiums, but the stage fills out the space beautifully. The lighting was really magical, what a great setlist. He doesn't interact much but is very engaging and genuine. Really one of the most beautiful shows I've seen both visually and sonically.

    It really felt like being in the presence of a true timeless superstar. He's proven himself as a proper stadium act.
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  13. Saw him Saturday. The show was great and all the After Hours/Dawn FM songs went OFF, especially HDIMYLM? Him saying “bay arEA” and sticking his tongue out now lives rent free in my mind.
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  14. He lost his voice last night at the show and had to cancel it partway through. Really unfortunate. Hope he gets the vocal rest he needs.
  15. Not even partway, I think. He only managed to do 3 tracks. Scary for him, sucks for the fans, but he'll obviously make it up. This tour started pretty rocky and seems to be ending on the same note unfortunately. But seems to have gone on great besides that.
  16. Also, he has a haunted house at Universal Studios this year for their Halloween Horror Nights and it seems super cool. It's basically like a haunted house version of like a music video.

    You can see a little walkthrough of it here:
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