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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. This tour is cursed but maybe it’ll make snatching tickets last minute easier nn.
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  2. There are tons of seats for the 2nd Toronto show. And every show I've tried for this summer around Toronto has had well-priced drops the day of.
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  3. Hadn’t seen video of him losing his voice until now. Scary how it just went like that

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  5. I’m aiming for the first night because Rosalia is that Friday as well (which doesn’t seem to be selling super well nn)

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  7. Take all my money - once again!
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  8. He was incredible in Toronto this weekend. I was honestly in awe of the way he commanded such a massive stage, literally spanning the entire Sky Dome... wildly impressive. It'd have been very easy to get lost in the set and production of this show, but his energy was at 11 and the entire crowd could feel how much fun he was having. The crowd was probably the best of any show I went to all summer, too. Just pure energy from start to finish. It really felt like a special moment to be at his first Toronto stadium show, especially after how long the show had been postponed.

    Also it's a CRIME that Less Than Zero hasn't become one of his biggest hits. It was a highlight of the show and I'm still so mad they've never released it as a single.
  9. I’ve seen a lot of other people comment the same thing about Less Than Zero. Hopefully it’s reception at the shows convinces him to give it the push it deserves.

  10. Looks like he's working with Mike Dean on music for The Idol right now. I'm really excited to see what the soundtrack is like and how much it differs from the Dawn FM sound.
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  11. Yeah, this is probably for the score? I think he worked on actual songs a while back, because I remember him mentioning it before Dawn FM even dropped. Excited to hear whatever it is! He had hinted that he wanted to write/produce a project for a female artist as well, and I feel like that may have been him hinting at The Idol. If we get a faux pop girl album out of this, I'll be gagged.
  12. That makes sense actually. I assume a lot of the music will be incorporated directly into the show, so they must have had at least a good chunk of it done before/along with production.

  13. It looks… very done before and hypersexualized (at least we get to see him shirtless). I’m surprised Jennie was allowed to be part of this and I hope the rumours of a Britney collab for the soundtrack are true.
  14. Yeah looks a little too male gazey for my liking, not that I expected anything else from Abel. The side character casting is killing me too. Like Troye Sivan? Dan Levy? How random dd.

    Will watch just for Rachel Sennott though. An icon.
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