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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Do you think people will maybe lose interest by the time this tour makes it out of the US? I’m bored of waiting for tickets to go on sale now!
  2. I guess the show isn't exactly supposed to be realistic, but the girl's styling is giving more 2002 than 2022, like that's just not what the big pop girls look like nowadays in the slightest. It's a bit weird for a show supposed to take place in the current day.
  3. Please recommend bands similar to The Weeknd. I love the song In Your Eyes, but I can't find any bands that have a similar music style to this song. The only similar Dua Lipa - Physical
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  4. 80s pop music?
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  5. But current bands
  6. Youngblood Album but 5 Seconds of Summer is kiiiiinda that vibe but can’t think of anyone current
  7. Chromatics, Desire, Kavinsky, College there's a lot out there with that sound he curated on After Hours and Dawn FM.
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  8. CHVRCHES, BANKS, Phantogram...
  9. New Hot 100 peak for Die for You:

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  10. Has miss thing just, like, trashed these European dates, then? It's coming dangerously close to Bey and Tay's announcements and he's basically going to be fighting for scraps if he doesn't get a move on.
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  11. Release Less Than Zero, Abel!
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  12. It's kind of his own fault not as many people are listening though nn
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  13. He’s still going with his #justice4dawnfm campaign.

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  14. I’m finding this really endearing, I love it when a pop star stands by work their proud of when it’s not performed the way they’d hoped (not that you could call Dawn FM a flop in my opinion). I guess it’s very much like Bionic, just ahead of it’s time.
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  15. I love when he’s a clown on twitter. He’s being facetious, but him doing all this when he’s the only one standing in its way is funny dd. Like give us the “Less Than Zero” video sir!

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  16. Dawn FM is still my album of the year.
  17. I've been hearing "Less Than Zero" on the radio and inside stores quite a lot lately. He needs to take its potential seriously.
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  18. Dawn FM is his best album.
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