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The Weeknd - Dawn FM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Artists always group them together like this though, no?
  2. I'm generally not a fan of stadium gigs, but he was incredible in Toronto. The staging was fantastic and his energy was through the roof. Plus, his catalog speaks for itself. The show was wall-to-wall hits. If anyone is on the fence about it, I'd say just go. Definitely not a show you'll regret seeing.
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  3. My date taking place at an old airport

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  4. The ticket prices on the o2 presale were crazy. £250 for gold circle. Then there's left and right pitch standing. All unavailable and seats sat only in Cheadle Hulme for the Manchester date. Might sit this one out.
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  5. I wanted standing in Manchester but there is only the VIP / early entrance ones left or I can buy seats in tier 2 for around £150 each. I wish this was an arena tour.
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  6. This presale has been a disaster. I had tickets in 2020, and despite the “previous ticket holders get priority access”, it’s just a standard Live Nation presale, that anyone with an account can access. Mess.
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  7. The lack of information about the seating chart and related ticket prices before the sale was annoying. Thankfully I was getting standing tickets and there seems to be only one category of that in Barcelona.
  8. With these pre-sales did they not bother putting any of the side seating blocks on for sale? I was just constantly getting the back of the stadium which is a no for me. I don't want that big moon blocking my view depending on where he is on the stage.

    Agreed. It's a tad frustrating for this to now be round 3 of this whole ticket buying process for me and there doesn't seem to be any priority for previous ticket holders.
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  9. Well, this is novel: a Covid-delayed tour that has degenerated into an unholy mess, for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with Covid.
  10. And the O2 pre-sale was yesterday too - I managed to get some standing ones in the end but I don't understand why they claimed previous ticket holders get priority access,

    Also there is a Spotify pre-sale and it seems no one has had any code / link to that.
  11. Spotify still has another hour until it starts I think. I assume you click on the link within Spotify?
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  12. I guess so - just saw people freaking out about it on Twitter. Usually there is an email with a code or something, who knows!
  13. Spotify classically sends the presale email out at the time of the presale starting, which is usually another disorganised disaster!
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  14. I know touring has become tricky and less profitable recently since the lockdown and restrictions messed up their ecosystem but I genuinely do wonder... how will people afford to go to all of these shows when prices are £150-£200 on average... and A LOT of acts are touring next year. Those who announce earlier will get first dibs but it must become increasingly harder when everyone and their mom are asking for a kidney to sit in the upper tiers. I still can't wrap my head around P!nk asking for like £300 for one of the golden circles.
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  15. At least P!nk and The Weeknd have more than two 8-track albums. BLACKPINK's Barcelona general standing tickets were 180 Euros and they sold out the arena almost immediately. I love them but it was too expensive for me. Sorry to go off-topic.
  16. I brought tickets on the O2 Priority presale yesterday and it was doddle. Managed to get L1 side view seats for London a couple of minutes, but seeing the meltdowns on Twitter today and yesterday have made me realise I was very lucky!

    So excited to see him finally after I had tickets for his O2 show years ago.
  17. I take it back!

  18. There are all kinds of tickets available on Livenation for this new London date right now if anyone is looking.
  19. Early bird tickets for Germany costs almost 300 Euro.
    Seats must be in his crack.
  20. He's on the new Metro Boomin album dropping tonight.

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