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The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Bobbyrae, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. He’s posted a bunch of Instagrams of him mastering.

    Something is definitely coming soon, likely around the time of his Coachella set?
  2. I just started caring two weeks ago so yay.
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  3. He was seen shooting a new music video last week. It could easily be for one of his MANY features but I have a good feeling about it. I feel like something could be released around Coachella indeed.! The Legend of the Fall Tour has ended quite a while ago now, so I think he'll come up with an all new show for his festival tour. Let's hope the setlist includes some new music!

    Oh, and he's also releasing in June the Starboy comic book he made with Marvel! It doesn't mean a new album is coming but at least, it looks like Abel finally got tired of promoting clothes and sneakers and he's ready to focus on something else!

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  4. Yaaas I'm ready King.
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  5. I just want something shorter and more concise. Those hour-long affairs can be exhaustive.
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  6. Why does this almost feel too soon? I guess I should have a little more faith seeing as he came out with 11/10 leads the past two eras.
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  7. Yas fuck me up King. His concert was great, the album was great, and I think he's great.
  8. I'm excited! Bring it Abel!
  9. No one knows what the musical direction for this album will be. A lot of people on Twitter seem to be pretty confident that Abel is gonna go back to his roots and the sound he created on his mixtapes because he recently released merch to celebrate the fifth anniversary of "Trilogy", liked tweets and posted stuff on Instagram story that were related to "Trilogy" and "Kiss Land" and also because he got "HOB" haircut back. But to be fair, they were saying the exact same thing before "Starboy" dropped and he still went pop. The only clue we have is this tweet from Travis Scott...

  10. Starboy really doesn't feel old at all and still gets pretty regular use from me but I'm so ready.
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  11. I'm excited for new music.
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  12. I feel like that might be a tad too soon, but if he delivers, it's all good.
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  13. He never really takes huge breaks between albums/projects. Ever since "BBTM", he's been on a roll and clearly he isn't ready to take a break from creating and putting out music. And tbh, even though he's successful, he's still a relatively new artist on the pop market so he cannot take more than a two years break between albums if he wants to obtain longevity.
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  14. K94


    It's cominggg and with Kendrick by the looks of it
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  15. “I’m indifferent”

    Way to hype it Abel.
  16. Its most likely the "Pray For Me" video which its about time.
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  17. "Starboy" and "I Feel It Coming" were both robbed of Grammy nominations/wins & are two of my favorite tracks of the Aughts Pt. 2.

    As an album, Starboy was certainly his strongest effort since his first mixtape, but I'd legit weep if he delivered something of that quality (House of Balloons) again.
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  18. La Mar is not Kendrick Lamar. It's La Mar Taylor, Abel's best friend and creative director.
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  19. Screaming.

    Keifer you are a MESS!
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  20. K94


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