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The Wendy Williams Show

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Yasssss!
  2. At 3:10 The Kartrashians. I can't! How has that not caught on? It's brilliant.

  3. This is my favourite one yet
  4. Wendy's face when Lindsay Lohan told her she was designing an island in Dubai. The yelp I let out.
  5. Wendy interrupting Lindsay talking about her aid work with refugees to ask her HOW SHE IS MAKING MONEY.

    She’s so messy.

  6. Wendy was so rude throughout this, I was gagging. She just wanted a quick snack and a drink, the poor lady didn't get time to explain much because Wendy rushed for the food.
  7. Wendy calling Kris Jenner "that woman" at every opportunity is my aesthetic.
  8. She's been really off since she came back from Christmas break- especially during the cooking/shopping segments where she can't even phone in indifference.
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  10. Wendy constantly brags that she NEVER missed a day of work on the show for all the seasons it has been on air so something really must be up. I mean we’ve seen her ill before, come on to the show in her slacks because she was running late and carrying on with the show even after fainting. I hope that she is ok.
  11. She has definitely been... off this season. Far less jovial and silly than usual.

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  12. She was spotted out and about by paparazzi on her sick days so something's definitely amiss.

    Honestly the show has kind of slipped into a crevasse over the past few months. It lives and dies by Wendy's enthusiasm and humour, and lately she mangles most stories beyond the point of understanding and can't seem to be bothered to finish half of the hot topics she starts.

    It's definitely either stress or illness - something is up.
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  13. Lowlights include "What the pumpation?" and then Wendy calling out Lara Flynn Boyle for having a "fupa" AND THEN APPROXIMATELY 8.4 SECONDS LATER BURPING INTO HER MICROPHONE
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  14. Sorry what's a fupa?
  15. Looks like she’s taking a few more weeks off..

    Good for her! I hope she comes back better than ever, it’s always important to put yourself first sometimes.
  16. The show was hard to watch yesterday, I think she start a different (late night) show or something, Wendy hasn't been The Wendy Show or a few years now.
  17. Good God. I am concerned for her health. Stay strong Wendy!
  18. Yeah I'm all for her taking a sabbatical from the show and getting much rest. I've honestly been fastforwarding through the past few episodes. If the show comes back and it's more of the (recent) same, I'll be done with it.
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