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The Wendy Williams Show

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. SeaWitch

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    That last after show of the season today! I'm so glad Wendy found her groove, it might have took 4 years but hands down she's the best daytime talk show host on TV.
  2. I love Wendy and used to be obsessed with her radio show back in the day, and if you think she's indiscrete now then you should have heard some of the stuff she said then! I even called "advice hour" a couple of times and she told me to break up with my boyfriend at the time and she was dead right!

    She can be infuriating, but anyone who talks as much as she does is going to say something that rubs you the wrong way eventually. I haven't kept up with her show because it seemed too sanitized, I went to a taping once and it went on for hours and hours and you couldn't even go to the bathroom hehe. Despite all that, so happy for her success and I might have to check it out again!
  3. Wendy explaining stans as the next level of being a fan the other day! Love it.
  4. [video=youtube;fPSPFiSpMOc][/video]
  5. [video=youtube;KgW8ULcHvTQ][/video]
  6. So I've been watching hot topics + the after show pretty religiously the last few months, and Wendy just (intentionally and unintentionally) cracks me up. Especially her musings on why Jennifer Lopez is apparently the queen of pop.

    Anyway, I'm bumping this thread because Wendy's visit to the shows offices is hilarious. It's David Brent levels of second hand awkwardness:
  7. Haha, whenever Wendy talks about J.Lo I start cracking up too. Hot Topics is everything. I love how she updates them daily on Youtube.
  8. The s***e she gave Rihanna earlier in the week was old school Wendy, I loved it.
  9. Yep, the penicillin comment about RiRi was radio Wendy through and through.
  10. Anybody care to link us all up?
  11. I've become ADDICTED to watching Wendy Williams. She held it together on her 50th birthday episode when a replica WW cake came out and looked nothing like her.
  12. I love this! Nene got Wendy together with this comeback. The biggest problem with Wendy is that she fails to fact check, and it makes her look ignorant and uninformed quite a lot.
  13. The best clapback is was when Wendy called the baby of Evelyn Lozada (star of Basketball Wives) her 'cash machine', and Evelyn that Wendy's husband had been in her store buying shoes for another woman. Messy
  14. KAG


    Wendy is so two-faced but I can't help but love her. I find it funny how she slagged off Jennifer Lopez for years but the minute Jennifer agreed to come on the show, she has suddenly become a super fan. "Jennifer is the only artist I can see having longevity" is not what she was saying three years ago.
  15. Paraphrasing Wendy "she's a woman and she can change her mind". I do love her with flaws and all.
  16. It's Got 2B Real, but in real life.
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