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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. The way she gave him the divorce papers shows what a BOSS she is!
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if she's been planning this for a while. I know everyone has been labelling her as clueless for a while but perhaps she was just keeping quiet and playing the part (the ring is still on speech etc) while she sorted everything behind the scenes.
  3. Double post but, oop! Miss Wendy wins again, from the desk of TMZ.
  4. "my recent actions"

    This has been going on for well over a DECADE.
  5. Screaminggg, Wendy got the Ferrari Kevin bought for his mistress towed away! Her PR team are killing it.
  6. This is like the pettiest most iconic episode of Cheaters ever.
  7. Dead. What a fucking Queen.
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  8. I am LOVING this Wendy!
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  9. Someone gif her voguing! Please!
  10. Yep she's definitely DONE with Kevin if she's back in contact with Charlamagne.

  11. Wendy isn't very subtle is she?
    Whilst she's not talking details, she's letting EVERYONE know exactly where she's at.

    Charlamagne has been going IN on KeLvin and talking about some thing he had going on with some male singer called Aveon.

  12. I LOVE Charlamagne so this is music to my ears. So happy for Juendie. So proud of her.
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  13. I'm so happy she's reuniting with Charlamagne. He's always supported her throughout the years, making it clear her husband is trash while leaving the door open for a reunion.
  14. LOL.
  15. I've got my issues with Charlamagne which doesn't help that I also enjoy him as a radio/podcast personality but the fact that he's always paid her as much as respect as he has had consistently over the last decade, makes me think there is a decent human being in him.
  16. Did anyone listen to the interview with Aevon and youtuber Tasha K? It's an hour long and I can't link it as youtube is blocked at my job, but... wow. I do believe Aevon and Kevin had something going on, but it was a strange interview overall. Aevon is an odd character.

    I'm so happy for Wendy. She seems to have gotten her spirits back. Hopefully she can rebuild some of the bridges Kevin/Kelvin burnt.
  17. I'm extremely happy she's finally getting back to her. Leaving that dead weight behind is the best thing she can do. I cannot even fathom how destructive and poisonous their relationship must have been.

    Keep it up, gurl.
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  18. Not related at all to any of the drama in her personal life but this took me out

  19. I know nothing lasts forever but I miss THIS Wendy:

    "If one of you says burn it I'm kicking you out of the after show"
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  20. Gosh her wigs used to be bad.
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