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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I still miss her former hair stylist Antwon. I still remember when she came back from summer break and announced he had passed.

    Half the reason to watch her After Show every day was to see their banter.
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  2. I watched the after show more than hot topics. So good, does she still do the after show?
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  3. She stopped this season (probably because the BTS got really chaotic)
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  5. Oh my fucking god, I'm screaming.

    My mind: Oh my god she's gonna drag the new song.
  6. she fully shaded her ex and the mistress the entire episode. dead.
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  7. Surprised she openly discussed the divorce and her husband in today’s episode, sounds like she’s been done for a while with his ways.
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  8. I have to say ever since the news of this divorce broke out Wendy has really stepped her game up. She sounds present, knowledgable of topics, sounds like she’s actually watched the shows she’s talking about, she isn’t stuttering her way through the show and has a good sense of humour about things. I love Wendy but the show has been a mess for a year or so mainly down to how she’s been delivering the show. It’s so good to have her back properly and I really enjoy her little anecdotes of what she’s been up to, she seems happy!

  9. Honestly I saw this thumbnail and thought “Where in the hot hell did this booking come from?” and yet with Wendy’s “new outlook” (so to speak) it may be one of my favorite segments of hers in the last few years.
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  10. I can't with even Moby being hot with a beard.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Oh he's a sweetheart. And yes, Wendy is truly back on form and she looks happy and well.
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  13. Sis he look like a centipede.
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  14. She's absolutely a new woman. As a long term stan, I'm so pleased to see it. Her energy and excitement for the show is back.

    Whew she got rid of the deadweight.
  15. Her husband (about to be ex) is garbage.
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  16. I love watching the show again. She seems in a good place getting to go out with friends and acquaintances, looking out for her son and spending time with him and she's actually making an effort for the show again.

    Makes me feel warm inside.
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  17. I'm genuinely happy for her. She seems to be so happy & healthy now she's made peace with the fact her marriage is over. The only way is up, queen.
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  18. Just watched the clip on insta and of course thought of you! I’m in love with this wig too, and Norman looks so tan and rested...sigh.
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