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The Wendy Williams Show

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. “What would Norman Baker do??”
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  2. “It helps that he’s a doctor...”

    Get it Wendy!
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  3. I'm not here for Wendy mingling with all the Blac Chynas and the Kardashians. Not too long ago she slated Stern for doing the same with some famous people. Pot, kettle, etc.
    I am truly happy for her, because she's almost back to her normal self, but I also believe she's doing a bit too much, too soon.
  4. It’s widely believed that this is the guy in question (he appeared on the show) ...

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  5. Wow! I am happy for her but cautiously so...she needs to make sure and take plenty of Wendy time and not rush!

  6. Get going WW!!!
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  7. Page Six did her so wrong for using that pic.
  8. I watched this as it came up on my Youtube reccomended and I was like "Moby on Wendy? Okay." I didn't even realise it was a new episode. Good for her! I might start watching again.
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  9. Awesome!
    But did we need another movie when we already had
  10. What are those clips? Haha
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  11. Mess at her defending Nicki's boyfriend for attempted manslaughter and enthusiastically prompting the audience, "Clap if you ever wanted to kill somebody..." I-
  12. They’re from the Facebook video that @heyvincent posted!
  13. Jerry O' who's basically taken over Wendy's show whilst she's on holiday (has the same set/titles/everything just a different name) is just insufferable. I couldn't even watch more than 5 minutes. Idiot man.
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  14. I did think it was humorous when he said “This show is gonna be nothing like you’ve ever seen in daytime!” when it’s basically a carbon copy of Wendy’s show. Oh but he stands during his Hot Topics instead of sits!! What a progression.

    Oh so they’ll put up Jerry’s full show but can’t even give us an uncut Hot Topics for Wendy?!
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  15. I don't mind Jerry O'Connell in doses, but every single day of him would be way too much for me.
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  16. I wonder how much she had to be strong armed into letting him to use her set and slot...I remember for years her attitude was, "over my dead body will we have a summer replacement".
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  17. In fairness, she also once said she and Big Kev were in it for the long haul...
  18. The ONLY redeemable thing about Jerry O'Connell is the fact that he's married to Rebecca Romijn.
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  19. !!!!!!

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