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The Wendy Williams Show

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. i think people who criticize Wendy for being two-faced or evil or whatever are people who CLEARLY do not watch the show. If they did, they would 1000% know that Wendy has NO CLUE what's going on with celebrities most of the time, she doesn't even know lots of their names or what they're famous for; she's just spewing what her Hot Topics Team have told her that morning. She's also pretending less and less that she IS in the know these days.

    I say all that as a faithful every-day viewer. It just frustrates me when people try to brand her as this evil mastermind.
  2. One thing that perplexes me is that in her radio days, she was renowned for breaking news. She'd be the first to reveal these big stories, and now she just kind of regurgitates things that anyone can read on RadarOnline or the DailyMail. I know she has a lawyer on staff, so I wonder if the Network has very stringent regulations on what she can/can't say so that they don't get sued.
  3. She looks to her left a lot, gesturing to the 'lawyer lady" and alludes to her pushing an "ALLEGEDLY" button, to remind Wendy to use the word during unconfirmed stories... I don't even think she's joking, haha.
  4. Has anyone been watching the new season? It's only the second week and it's messier than ever.

    I was screaming with laughter when Wendy dramatically revealed that Joan Rivers' doctor had treated her. Getting the camera to zoom in and jumping out of her seat. SCREAMING.

    What an American treasure.
  5. I'm OBSESSED. The Mariah dragging? I couldn't breathe.
  6. I don't think her having a lawyer on staff says much of anything. Every media outlet/broadcast show has a lawyer or a team of lawyers. Or at least here in the U.S. we do, considering how trigger-happy people are with lawsuits. (Though legally, Wendy can say pretty much anything she wants and be fine, considering she almost strictly discusses public figures.)
  7. Amazing! I have even got my mum into her. Just got reminded of this:
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  8. Here's the moment I'm talking about:


    Pure TV gold.
  9. The audience. The shade.

  10. KAG


    I watched this the other day and literally fell off my chair. It was too funny. I only watch the 'Hot Topics' segment now. Wendy is way more interesting and entertaining when she comments on celeb gossip and pop culture. I feel like she plays it safe during her interviews.
  11. "It's just so vio....lating"
  12. Iconic Wendy moment. When she keeps yelling "I KNOW RIGHT!" kills me every time.

    Also, I die every time they show that picture of Matthew Knowles' baby mother, Taqoya.
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  13. Rmx


    Wendy is great. I thought the show was called Hot Topics! It's all I've ever seen of it. And it's always glorious.
  14. Did I dream this or is there an aftershow where Wendy is talking about being menopausal or something and she starts crying and she tells the camera to go? I'm sure I saw it in this thread but I can't find it....
  15. Oh dear. Wendy veered into her old transphobic messery with her commentary on Kendra and Hank the other day.

    Also, I'm not sure I needed to hear Wendy say "I can no longer get moist for you" in any context.
  16. I love how Wendy clearly hates Ariana Grande. She drags her at every opportunity.
  17. Whenever I hear of a scandalous celeb story, my first thought is always "I can't wait to watch Wendy's hot topics!"
  18. She actually didn't to begin with. She originally said she really liked Ariana's music, but then turned on her when Giuliana Rancic said Ariana was diva-y.
  19. Wendy has started to say 'tiky boom boom' a lot more recently. Doing more promo for Britney Jean than Britney herself, tbh.
  20. Hahaha, yes! She also keeps saying "squash a rumour" rather than "quash a rumour". Those little things are hilarious.
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