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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I thought I was gonna cry watching her try and keep it together. When it looked like she was struggling a few weeks ago - I’m guessing that is when it happened?

    On a slight side note this is a reason I like coming to this site - some of the things I saw wrote about her back in October / November on the Internet were unforgivable, but for the most part the community here just doesn’t go in like that. Thankfully.
  2. I randomly decided to watch Wendy after a hiatus and when Wendy started talking about her mom I was confused for a second. I'm shocked word didn't get out earlier. So sad. Wendy's musing about her mom was such a delight.

    Then I watched the next episode and her segment about Dionne Warwick had be rolling. Same old Wendy.
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  3. szghsdztsd Patti LaBelle sending Wendy a bouquet of flowers
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  4. This has gone on hiatus til Jan 4 after her Mom died.

    Also the devil works harder but gays work harder. Bopping at the gym.
  6. Not Wendy bringing up Kanye and Jeffree Star I was SCREAMING the staff looked PANICKED.

  7. Wendy talking about her brother...phew Radio Wendy came out. She dragged him, you don't see her talking like that anymore..
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  8. My favorite was "You and your wife better get your life.... before I get it for you!!!"
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  10. Mr.Arroz

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  11. This looks juicy, I'mma grab my snacks and settle in for the full show.
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    bye ddd
  13. They unleashed the clips on the web and I'm screaming at the (over)actingggg

    The prolonged fainting scene sksksksk
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  14. The movie was cute but the Doc is really where it’s at. It’s wild seeing her brother sit there and they call each other their best friend and fast forward to now where their relationship is.
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  15. MB


    Trying to get on a train to watch either but struggling!
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  16. I'm quite underwhelmed by the movie. I mean, my expectations were low, because this is Lifetime we're talking about, but still.

    The documentary on the other hand was really good.
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  17. The documentary was incredible. I could have watched 2 more hours of it.

    Haven’t seen the film yet, but I don’t have high hopes.
  18. The most honest and open I’ve seen Wendy in a long time, seems like she’s in a better place.

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  19. MB


    I'm still yet to see the doc or the movie! Stupid UK TV.
  20. The train is doing the rounds now, I took it the other day.
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