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The Wendy Williams Show

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Need to watch the doc!
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  2. This brought me joy
  3. The ones at 2:12 and 5:02 have me ROLLING every time I see this video lmao.
  4. I spent an absurd amount of time watching Wendy clips this morning, including what may be my all time favorite:

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  5. fast forward to 16:50 for the wendy double - burp and toot!
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  6. What are they even doing with this show at this point?

    The audience is such a huge, necessary part of it.

    What are ratings like and what are the chances they'll recover?
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  7. I've recently gotten back into her show and honestly, she has me giggling through out the show. Her youtube views seem good and her hot topics last Monday after the Meghan/Harry/Oprah interview has 1 million views. I'd say she's doing pretty great.
  8. Wendy is like great background noise...I’d pay more attention but I don’t know at least half the people she talks about...she loves rappers from the 90s that no one who was born after 1985 has ever heard of, and Real Housewives from franchises I didn’t know existed lmao. Then she skips over stories with real tea to get to them.
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  9. I hate the real housewives topics, so boring they really need less of that!
  10. Wendy saying that American Idol could have edited out the footage of that girl falling over and then playing the footage in full is Peak Wendy ddd.


  11. "I have the no.1 show in the country!"

    "No, you have the no.1 show on Zeus"

  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I fucking love Joseline. She’s so wild.
  13. Me on Valentines Day.
  14. What I love most about that Joseline interview is how much of an expert television interviewer Wendy has become. She's chucking in the shade, while controlling the interview, without it becoming as messy as it did with Omarosa years ago.
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  15. Not Bill Gates divorce giving her the most hilarious content she has had in ages. I died at her calling their home looks like lyme disease. Truly awful, but hell.
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  16. I don't why but I feel like Wendy's been on fire the past few weeks. Every episode she's been making me crack up, and she feels really vibrant again. Maybe it was the wax figure unveiling? Either way, this week with the audience back she seems to be having a blast–there's really no show on TV like it.

    Have tickets to a taping on Monday and I truly and utterly cannot wait. I hope I get in!!
  17. Oh my god you read my mind.

    I randomly decided to dip back into the show today and found myself watching like 10 full hot topics.

    She’s back to being hilarious. I sense an iconic moment coming before the summer break.
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  18. I’ve been watching Hot Topics on YouTube recently and to echo what others are saying, she has been hilarious & witty. She seems in a much better place now & I’m so happy for her.
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  19. Yesterday when she pulled out a metal pointer out of her chair to showcase a photo of a burger she ate... Lucille Ball WISHES she could be as natural of a comedy queen.
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