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The Wendy Williams Show

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. The way that she’s besties with Blac Chyna and talks about it and then effortlessly drags her in the next segment is iconic.
  2. I love that she’s apparently friends with Kris Jenner now after years of calling her ‘that woman’. Snakes don’t hiss.
  4. I forgot to share that I went to a taping 2 weeks ago and got picked for Ask Wendy, and then during the segment itself got cut short and so did my question. I'm STILL crushed.
  5. A few of you have already covered it but she's on fire recently. She's really got her spark back that was missing the last 18 months, I think the audience returning has definitely helped.
  6. Can't stop using "Death! To all of them!". The audiences reaction and her face afterwards finishes it off.

    She is making me scream and cackle several times a week at the moment.
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  7. I sowed that seed re Jamie Spears
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  8. The way they cut "DEATH! TO ALL OF THEM! Oop" from the show in the Youtube upload though, I was waiting for that moment nn.

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  10. The way she emphasises death and then the crowd gasping and someone going “Jesus” is sending me. It’s gonna be made into an iconic meme.
  11. Half the vocal reactions is Susan grabbing her pearls reacting to Wendy. What a perfect lackey.
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  12. Obsessed with how shocked Wendy looks at her own statement.
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  13. Today’s episode was a fucking MESS

    From the photo reveal to the story about joblessness to the story about the diet device

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  14. Also Wendy’s gay panic around Da Brat on Friday was a MESS
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  15. The way Wendy really thought she was gonna get a compliment or a cute comment but Ms Da Brat said "NOPE!" and continued to chew her up and spit her out the entire interview. A perfect mess.

    I also second Suzanne's dramatic "OWWWWWH's" are a scream whenever Wendy says something out of left-field.
  16. I believe there is only one appropriate response to this devastating news; I'll let others in the thread say it, though.
  17. Wendy is on a fucking roll this week. Probably the best I’ve seen her. Her latest episode was hilarious..from the white man having plastic surgery to be a BTS member to her complaining about her lunch. Then she continues to complain about her lunch on her Ask Wendy segment by low key dragging her PA to get her some more salad dressing.

    Another ongoing joke is how she actively drags her DJ Sus1. He must be extremely dumb because her jokes and digs seem to go right over his head.
  18. When he didn’t know what “who’d you rather” meant fndndbr
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  19. This was a delight:
    C667CF8E-21C2-45B3-9A3D-1C2DB5321A4A.png 571B2165-92BB-45B8-8464-61FC6F5DCA09.png 2759C4D4-6A89-4BB1-8637-1A269CEAE1FE.png EB347ED0-43C0-4046-9612-1F3831161383.png DF486F74-2012-4355-83FD-8AF8D26AA54F.png 217FEFBE-9526-41E4-8161-101D873158EE.png
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