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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I mean we're sometimes here for the mess but this was just downright distasteful, so disappointing

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  2. Good fucking CHRIST. Is there nothing she won't make about herself?
  3. "That was your second burp of the show"
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  4. I’ve had ENOUGH

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  5. [​IMG]
  6. I honestly think she just does not know how or when to reveal news of someone dying.

    Did the same with her mom. Obviously that is more personal to her.
    But she likes to beat around the bush before being like "Yeah so, They died."
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  7. So I was listening to the "Death to all of them remix" and randomly found this:
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  8. mmhmm..
  9. And now she’s “got covid”
  10. Breakthrough COVID is rather convenient for someone who has been vocal about staying safe and social distancing. Regardless I hope she gets well and takes some much desired time off.
  11. From the statement I read, it seems the breakthrough COVID case was in addition to the previously mentioned "health issues" unless I'm reading it wrong.

    Not sure what that actually insinuates, but still strange. Hope she's doing alright.

    Edit: Here's the post:

  12. Didn’t she say somewhere she wasn’t getting the vaccine? Maybe I dreamt it.
  13. The accuracy of this though...
  14. I hope it wasn't true but TMZ is covering it too. I knew something was fishy about the COVID announcement. Sad to see her health deteriorate like this.
  15. Hmm

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  16. [​IMG]
    I don’t see her coming back soon
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  17. I wonder what the network is thinking. It has been a rough few years with endless cancellations and issues. I know Wendy does well in her time slot and is probably cheaper than a lot of shows to produce because they don't get A-listers but at some point it's going to become more trouble than it's worth.

    That being said, I hope she's OK and getting the help she needs.
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  18. The show is returning on Monday but Wendy is not. Guest hosts and panels are until she’s healthy enough but I honestly don’t think she’s going to return but to say goodbye.

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  19. Seems that Monday’s show will be hosted by a panel comprised of Devyn Simone, Bevy Smith, Elizabeth Wagmeister and Michael Yo.

    And then Tuesday-Friday will be hosted by Leah Remini.

    Sherri Shepherd said on The View today that she is guest-hosting during the week of November 1st.
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