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The Wendy Williams Show

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I'm so bummed but I'm hoping it gives Wendy some freedom to recover/heal (mentally, physically, anything honestly) without the intense media scrutiny on her.

    Wendy could certainly scale back a bit and do a podcast instead. Could be like getting back to her radio days but also not having the pressure of the whole show on her back.
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  2. This makes me sad. I remember watching her my sophomore year in college, so... ten years ago. I had a class during the show time, so I'd record it to watch when I got back to my room. This was just before she broke through to the mainstream, and it felt like my special thing because I didn't know anyone else who watched her (yes, I went to an extremely white college ddd).
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  3. So this is official official, press release and everything.
  4. Interesting wording though...not exactly a coronation for Sherri Shepherd.
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  5. :/
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  6. A podcast is a great idea for Wendy. Especially since Carrie Bradshaw has one now nn
  7. God this is so corny, and I know that she is a questionable messy person, but watching Wendy daily for like 10 years has been a really huge part of life and I really miss the show, am sad it didn't get a proper ending and wish her the best. Every time I heard a celebrity story I wonder what untrue facts and flip-floppy opinion she would share.
  8. In its height, I used to watch the hot topics and after show YouTube videos every day.
    All good things come to and end... and this should've ended 3 years ago.
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  9. I'm sure she will be back in no time. Wishing her the best with her health.
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  10. Well, Wendy just posted this on IG (saw it on her IG story myself but can't find an outlet posting it yet):
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  11. This will forever be iconic. Truly one of the best things about their legacies.
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  12. My absolute favourite.
  13. So it looks like Sherri is keeping Wendy’s staff, that’s good.
  14. I’m glad the staff is staying on. The backstage team seem to have a nice relationship and put out a great show. I’m really glad for Sherri it’s just a shame it’s not her “own show” (with a different team/format). Comparisons are going to be made with Wendy and nobody can come close to Wendy but Wendy.
  15. The Whitney interview makes me laugh out loud every single time.
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