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The Wendy Williams Show

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SeaWitch, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Maybe the podcast can have a video version? But it's okay if not. It will just be fun to have something from her. I could listen to her talk for hours.
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  3. MB


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  4. I just hope she's getting well taken care of. But yeah, if you were to go off only this interview, I would agree with you. But maybe there are times she is more concise where she can handle the type of a discussion a podcast would require.
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  5. I don't get how Wendy's able to do these video interviews, yet on her own show for the finale they couldn't dedicate time to her to call in and provide her final thoughts or even do a finale statement. The fact we never got proper closure to her talk show after investing all these years as viewer and how she just vanished will always bug me.
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  6. I can’t help but chuckle that she says how great podcasts are, she’ll make more money, it’s a format she’s never done before etc… and then a breath later says “I don’t know what a podcast is.” Icons only!
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  7. I am sorry, but she does not sound ready at all. She keeps repeating the same thing over and over and she's incoherent.
  8. She’s obviously still going through things but what is she to do, lay there and waste away? She’s a workaholic and loves what she does. Let her give us the best at what she’s good at. I hope this podcast deal goes through. I need more messy Wendy in my life.
  9. Why was I so unironically ecstatic about this dddddd.
  10. The TMZ video was so hard to watch all the way through. She was so scattered. I’m so worried about her, like beyond even her ability to continue her career. I really didn’t like her talking about how great things are with Big Kev now…
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  11. Wasn't it reported that they'd asked her and she declined?

  12. ok but I think Wendy did y’all a favor?? Who in their right mind would ever tune into a show hosted by Tom Arnold??
  13. They deleted her YouTube channel. All of her iconic videos are gone.
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  14. Sad but also somewhat inevitable. I hope someone has them all archived. Who owns the show now? I know Wendy's production companies had a stake from Season 6-13.

    Maybe as part of her new podcast, she'll release all the episodes from her talk show to accompany it.

    Best of luck to Sherri but I really can't see her show being successful on its own.
  15. I’m calling the police
  16. I hope one of y’all heifers saved the Real Housewives of Atlanta sing a along.
  17. whew some SHIT really went down for them to delete the YouTube channel and those residual ad payments
  18. The MESS for real!
  19. Protect Dillon at all costs.
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