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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by jtm, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. jtm


  2. @Big Bang found with an Amazon subscription and a new reason to live.
  3. ^ How snatched does she look in that picture though. I want that outfit!!! I hope she wears it in the show.

    I'm a total slut for fantasy books so I'll try and read them ALL before the show airs. nn so perched!!!!!
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  4. jtm


    7 to 10 are boring.. I think I only read the summary for some of them and then continued with 11.
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  6. jtm


    They started filming season 2, so hopefully a trailer for season 1 is coming soon:

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  7. Not this potentially premiering this year and making me change my reading plans

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    Do we know if S1 is going to be just The Eye of the World? Cause I want to read it before the show airs, but at 750 pages... might as well start now fff
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  9. jtm


    Yes, I think the consensus is that season 1 is Eye of the World and parts of New Spring (don‘t read that one yet though) plus at most the start of Great Hunt.
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  10. First images of the show:

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  11. jtm


    The trailer is here:

    This is so much better than I hoped it would be.
  12. Holy shit, it looks so good!
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  13. That looks great. What in the Feminism of Thrones?!
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  14. I read Eye of the World when I was a kid and never made it through the rest (our library randomly didn't have 9 and 10 so my childhood brain was like why bother nn) so let me take this opportunity to dive back in with @Trinu 3.0!
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  15. It’s still five quid on Kindle and I ain’t giving the devil that much money! ññ

    I’m with Foundation now and I want to read Dune next… when was this premiering?
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  16. jtm


    November 19. Plenty of time to get through book 1. (Don't read the prequel, it will spoil things.)
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  17. We got a poster:

    I finally got my hands into the whole series, so should be starting the first book soon-ish!
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  19. Well, this looks fantastic...come on budget!

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  20. YES.
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