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The Wheel of Time

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by jtm, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. So the first three episodes were pretty fucking great?!
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  2. ddd I haven't watched a single episode yet! What kind of IMBECILE decided to release Pokémon Shining Pearl at the same time as this!!!!

    I just got back from Waitrose with some Rum so I'll start this tonight
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  3. He


    Episode 1 was a bit shit, and it looked kind of generic? Specially the direction. I also dislike the main white boy.

    Rosamund Pike saved this. I gay-gasped at her light show magic decimating all the generic orcs. I hope she stays front and center for the rest of the show.
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    It really picks up on episode 2. Still not sure if it’s interesting enough.

    Rosamund will guide me through I’m sure.

    And oh wow Daniel Henney.
  5. I just spent 3 minutes writing a whole essay on the eye Candy this show has and realized I’m an old and need to clean up my act.

    With that said, Henney is perfection.

    The show itself is fine. I have no connection to the source material so for me, it still needs some world building.

    I think one of the reasons why GOT was such a unique fantasy universal/genre-breaking hit, is other than that opening scene, all the drama and intrigue was very “real world period”. I think that made your casual viewer connect with characters before the story really added the fantasy elements.

    This is going full fantasy from the jump, so will be interesting to see if this can grow with a wider audience.
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    I find reviewers comparing it to Game of Thrones quite unfair, since GoT basically had most of the fantasy stripped away and that is why it connected.

    Having said that, this show still feels a bit too uneven. Hope it picks up or that the story has more to offer.

    If not, Rosamund and Henney have my attention.
  7. I've just watched the first one so far but I'm really liking it. Rosamund completely scalped me with that display towards the end of the episode. Whew!
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  8. I watched the first episode last night and I'm digging it, but there's something visually that irks me a bit? Like, how is this supposed to be based on the medieval times or whatever and everyone looks like they just got their laundry done with Lenor?


    I'm not saying everyone should look dirty or whatever, it's just that everything is so new and shiny it feels fake-ish? I know it's a costume, but pretend a bit fff

    Excited to watch the other two this week. I never managed to get to the books, but I might challenge myself to read the whole series next year. It's not as if they're wrapping this up this decade, right?

    But the GOT books never had the fantasy at the forefront, did they? It was always something that happened in the background of the story... except for the dragons (at least from what I remember, cause I read them over a decade ago ñññ).
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    Yes that’s was my point. The series itself puts the fantasy stuff in the background, and the show did even more so I believe. Which is why the comparison seems unfair, when this is full on fantasy.

    I definitely agree the look on this is a bit jarring in that “this is a set and these are costumes”. Lacks a visual identity. Not sure if it’s a budget thing.
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  10. My point in bringing it up is that for a show like this to really hit and secure a large, and expanding audience, I think putting the fantasy aspects in the background to start is smart.

    We’ve seen so many shows like this come out the gate strong but then limp to a cancellation by season 3 because it didn’t connect to your non-fantasy audience.

    It also doesn’t help that there is no greater critic than a fantasy literary Stan.
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  11. I have started watching episode 2 and I have no idea what's going on.
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  12. I'm surprised in episode 1 how prominent of a role Zoe Robins has. It's very rare for a former Power Ranger to get such a big role.
  13. I know it's a business and all, but this seems a bit unfair for fantasy/sci-fi fans? Like they're not important enough to have their favourite stories respected and so they have to be stripped of everything they love about them ñññ

    Also, I always assumed the TV aspect of Amazon (and Apple) are basically... vanity projects? Surely they can't expect to reach audiences like Netflix does and I doubt that's their intention. It's just another product under their brand. And between this one and LOTR, it looks like Amazon wants to keep their hold of a certain sector of the audience.

    Anyway, I watched a bit of Episode 2 before passing out in the sofa last night and all I remember are the Whitecloaks...
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  14. So after episode 2 I understand much more of this universe but it's still a bit too fast to properly enjoy it. What made Game of Thrones good was it's slow pace in the first seasons, which gave us time to understand the mechanics of that world and its characters. This is like when the teacher needs to explain a 300 pages book in a 60 minutes lesson.


    And when the bell rings you're like "... Okay."
  15. It’s absolutely a business and we see a lot of well-intentioned adapted fantasy shows spin their wheels and then get canned.

    There’s absolutely a way to world build outside the pace of what the original fans are used to. Hell, in the first 3 episodes, they’ve jumped around in time-line, skipped over major character meeting points, etc.
  16. I don’t know about the changes from the books, but honestly if Once Upon a Time got seven seasons being a tacky ass mess since episode 1 this should be fine ñññ
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  17. I never got round to reading the first book this summer as planned but the first episode of this left me cold!
  18. Watching episode 3… Rosamund giving Meredith Grey’s covid doll a run for her money!
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  19. He


    Now I hope she sleeps through her paycheck here. Iconic.
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