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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by jtm, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Ok after episode 3 I'm sold.

  2. Good for her
  3. Yeah the first episode was paced a biT quickly, but each episode after that has been better than the last. The changes from the books all mostly make sense and will still fit fine in the overall arc of the story (and the books are basically impossible to adapt in their entirety without making major cuts for the sake of clarity anyway).

    And Rosamund is eating so far so I’m stanning. She’s literally perfect for this role.
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  4. Nynaeve!!!
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  5. He


    I screamed.

    They can ditch all the annoying kids and focus on her with the Aes Sedai.

    Also, the Aes Sedai living in a bisexual thruple with two Warders. Queen.
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  6. Ok episode 4 was IT.

    That ending, I am shook.
  7. That ending was a gag and a half!!!
  8. He


    The power of Daniel Henney.
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  9. I honestly screamed when
    I thought he was gone
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  10. He


    I literally gasped “no…”
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  11. Ready for the gays to stan Nynaeve.
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  12. I watched the 4th episode on a real TV instead of my usual laptop, and now I understand why you say it looks like they're not even trying to hide the fact that it's a movie set and that they're wearing constumes ddd
  13. He


    The renaissance fair vibe of it all is a bit much at times.
  14. All that comes to mind when I see an Aes Sedai is


    And the special effects sometimes verge too much onto The 10th Kingdom territory... but also

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  15. He


    NOT the ninjeti!

    You just know fabric softener was in full use.
  16. Ahhhhh I loved this episode!
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  17. This just gets better with each episode. I love that they're focussing on the grown-ups! Rosamund and Daniel Henney are so great together - I was concerned they would only show up for like 5 minutes an episode.

    And alll those women in their great gowns, beautiful gowns and powerful spells. So good, I love it when Rosamund says something dramatic about the wind or something.

    I kind of zone out whenever all those younger characters come on screen nn
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    The wiggery of it all, I'm so hooked on this show, nn.
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  19. I can't decide if I truly like~ this show, yet I keep watching it. If anything, it gives me The Witcher 3 videogame vibes.
  20. He


    I had to rewatch this again fully before starting episode 5. So good!

    Two of the younger ones seem more interesting. The pair of boys is a snooze still.

    Henney, oh Henney. He’s going to be bound to both Rosamund and Nynaeve, isn’t he?
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