The Wheel of Time

I had to rewatch this again fully before starting episode 5. So good!

Two of the younger ones seem more interesting. The pair of boys is a snooze still.

Henney, oh Henney. He’s going to be bound to both Rosamund and Nynaeve, isn’t he?
From what my parents told me, a Warder can only be bound to one Aes Sedai at a time. Leading me to believe he'll be bound to Nynaeve in a different way, and I'm here for it.

Anyway, I'm absolutely loving every second of the show, including the younger people, which is probably they're around the same age as me dddd. Also, love that the Lan and the Warder who's bonded died were so casually discussing sex with men.
This is 14 books long?!

I hope they have a plan so it doesn’t get axed after 3 seasons, and wholly unfinished.
Also, Henney being a dog dad first and foremost on his Instagram makes him even hotter.
Well after not feeling the first episode I went back to this when I was off on Tuesday and I’ve been kinda gagged. The ending of episode 4 alone!
Having watched the first few episodes I had convinced myself Pike was a bit of stunt casting who would be killed off as a shock moment but Moiraine doesn't appear to be a Ned Stark type so I'm thrilled that she's signed on for the long haul with the series.

She really committed to the air bending/'Sweet Melody transformation dance' at the end of episode one and I can't wait to see her channel again.
Yeah, that was probably my favourite episode up until now. Even if the costumes are still too clean and the sets too pristine ffff


The gaggerini!
This last episode was the best for me. I love the political side of things more than the rest at this point.

Sophie Okonedo is such an underrated actress. She’s amazing. I loved her in this and in her spot on Criminal: UK. Could watch her all day.
Nynaeve once again STOMPING with a stunning display of the one power? Then proceeding to get dicked down by Lan? I’m gonna have to stan on that one!

Another great episode! Though the reveal of who the dragon actually is, providing it’s not a misdirect, is disappointing. Oh and the pointless romance between Egwane and Rand is DULL. Like, the end of the world is nigh, there isn’t time for your petty high school drama sis!
Yeah the ‚love triangle‘ part is very weird, not sure why that is in there.

Loved everything else. The cold open in the snow was fantastic.
The opening was stunning, but the rest of the episode was a step down from the last few. It’s definitely weaker when focusing on the younger characters (especially without Matt). Rand is by far my least favourite so the reveal was very disappointing.
Every close up of Lan makes me gasp a little. Get it Ms Wisdom!

I didn’t even know there was some sort of love triangle, I just thought the wolf within or whatever was just protective.

Definitely not the best episode but the Lan stuff made up for it.