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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by jtm, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Which makes the fact he’s been recast for Season 2 all the more disappointing.
  2. He


    Wait, what? Why?!

    He was the only one of the boys that could kind of act.
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  3. jtm


    It‘s unclear, it seems to have happened quickly after the Covid break and they did not comment in detail for privacy reasons.

    I actually like Rand’s actor a lot. Not sure about Perrin yet.
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  4. I do kinda like it but at the end of season 1 I was exhausted with the breakneck pace of it all. Absolutely nothing is given time to develop some proper weight... it's all like okay, now we're in this intriguing dark city, let's leave after 10 minutes, okay now we are all seperated, now back together again, Moraine has a forbidden relationship, established in one episode and never shown again, the dark pathway seemed like a big deal only to last for the first act of an episode, then they reach a whole new city with 1000 seemingly important characters living there, next thing you know there's a big attack and we are supposed to feel with the king of this city who has had like two scenes before, that big slow dude seems kinda cool oh wait he's dead, there's the scene when the trollocs storm the wall for like a minute, and then the Dark one is propped up to be the big bad but goes down without much a fight.
    I could go on and on. Yet they managed to waste a whole fucking episode on that Warden (I actually forgot his name) and all they achieved with the younger cast is petty teenage drama with the so-called Wisdom being the pettiest of them all.

    Sorry for rambling, it's frustrating that this show seems to have all the ingredients I should love but fails in some very obvious ways. Here's hoping they hear the criticism (I know I'm not the only one) and change it up for season 2.
  5. He


    Hahah I agree with everything said. Nynaeve’s one note dialogue was becoming a bit tiring, ddd. But they all seemed to grow very little, except maybe Egwene?

    I think I like the idea of the show much more than the execution. The way Rosamund Pike and Henney are carrying this on their backs with very little help.

    How about a Lan and Moiraine procedural spin off?
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  6. The fact that this iconic outfit was a one episode event and then never seen again.

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  7. The guy playing Rand is absolutely atrocious. Sucked the life out of the finale.
  8. I like Rand actor.

    Sad Matt got recast. Didn't understand what happened to him after he got left behind. Probably 'cus I dozed off a bit...

    I think the whole twist is that the big bad at the end isn't the big bad. What we thought was the big bad is just an entry-level minor bad.
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  9. I didn’t mind Rand. But Perrin definitely channelled mopey when he should’ve been haunted.
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  10. Perrin is basically a warg, right?
  11. Yeah the reason Matt isn't in the last 2 episodes is because from what I understand is the actor didn't come back after the COVID break in production. Which is why he kinda just faded away.
  12. Why didn't/wouldn't he come back?
  13. Is this worth sticking with? The first episode almost put me into a coma.
  14. [​IMG]

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  15. It's not been said other than the character was recast for Season 2.

    I assume there are NDA's in place so nothing has been said.

    He has seemingly deleted all his social media so we will see in the future if anything comes out.
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  16. He


    Yeah they have a new actor. Shame, as he is the only other semi compelling actor from the main cast.

    I hope they just merge other characters into Lan, and give him maximum exposure, pansexual storylines, and double billing with queen Rosamund.
  17. I've just finished this, much preferred it to the Witcher.

    But I'm so glad to come on here and see that everyone else is saying how terrible the actors playing Rand and Perrin are. The put on deep voices and vacant stares from the both of them were so 'just out of stage school' and completely one note the entire 9 episodes.

    Actually got my life every time Rosamund was on screen channelling though. And they needed to utilise the Shades more, they were the most genuinely unnerving creatures I've seen on these types of shows for a long time.
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  18. So I finally started reading the books and the young people are literally just as fucking awful and stupid as they are in the show. The levels of incompetence!

    Me every time a new minion of The Dark One turns up and threatens their stupid asses

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  19. He


    I hope the show course corrects and either makes them not annoying, or sidelines them big time.
  20. Time for Moiraine to sit the Iron Throne and unite not!Westeros behind her.
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