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The White Lotus (HBO) Sydney Sweeney, Jennifer Coolidge Limited Series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. OK but was anyone ever going to point out that Dillon was the same actor who played (among others) Benji’s boyfriend in Love, Victor ??
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  2. This is still my favorite Lukas Gage role:

  3. I’m on the last episode and was skimming thru the preliminary reactions for the first few episodes and when I tell you this comment TOOK ME THE FUCK OUT! I FUCKING CAN NOT. AJAJAIAKFNRJEJRJF

    Kai oh Kai please do dispeakable things to me. The other men from the canoe too. I would gladly replace Quinn.

    I’ll reserve my commentary until I’ve finished the last episode but this is so good so far. Ms White is a genius. Please do more shows.
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  4. OMG it just dawned on me, is the one who’s gonna die the SHRIVELLED OLD PRUNE?

    Now that’s gonna be the non-event but then again, at this point I’m in the final 20 mins, I don’t actually care who ended up being in the box.
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  5. Enlightened is cathartic rather than tense, but they have a similar politics (due to Mike White). That said they’re both great and Enlightened is one of my favorite shows ever.
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  6. So I just finished and I have way too many thoughts to write down but this was all about power, class, capitalism, service work, colonialism, white liberalism. Everything rang disturbingly true.

    I think there’s something in there about disability with Quinn too. His neurodivergence is an advantage given how awful the neurotypical characters are. He’s probably the least driven by ego and the most empathetic. Reminded me of Remedios in 100 Years of Solitude, who is also strange and aloof and literally floats off into space because she’s too pure for the corruption around her.

    Relatedly, everything felt so play-like. Like characters were packed with symbolism. So mood heavy too—the first few episodes are so unsettling, almost Lynchian.

    Okay last two points: Paula is by far the most complex character, but she really caved at the end there, huh? Back into the arms and under the control of her white friend. Tragic. And my last point is more of a critique: I thought the show did a pretty good job exploring/commenting on colonialism, but 1) the locals (e.g., Lani) are for the most part props and 2) the fixation on the rowers was totally fetishistic. But I also wonder if that was the point.
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  7. Noooo, I want more episodes. This is impeccable from start to finish.

    Shoutout to Sydney Sweeney for making me laugh out loud and scaring the shit out of me within seconds.
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  8. Wait, what?
  9. I thought it was heavily implied he was “on the spectrum” or something. Olivia makes a joke about him stimming in episode 1, and then later says he has Asperger’s (although Nicole denies it, but that’s also completely in character). Plus all Nicole’s comments about his sensitivity and asking Olivia to look out for him. And then his own behavior (obsession with technology, sensitivity to the mattress in the galley kitchen and sleeping on the floor).
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  10. I read Paper magazines interview with Brittany O'Grady and she brought up a really good point that while they do concede and seem to have some sort of relationship, their friendship is very much so broken and that when she was being directed in those scenes that she was told the friendship was over and she needed to live that through the last few scenes. There's an aspect where you can tell Olivia has this sympathetic approach and wants to be that caring forward thinking white girl, but because of her background cannot wrap her head around what Paula is feeling or going through- and that disconnect is very apparent to Paula. It was really good! Though at first it does come across like a really big power play on Olivia's part.
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  11. I love how the show just ended, so I've been thinking of possible ways the story has played out. Paula's in a tricky situation where she can't shake things up because of what Olivia knows. I'm sure she is the sort of person who can't keep a secret.

    I love imagining Shane on trial. There's enough elements for it to go to court but with the ultimate message being he's white and rich so nothing will happen to him. Maybe that's why Armond looked so satisfied when he was in the bathtub.
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  12. Yep, that's also what I took away.
  13. Ok so I just binged this between last night and this morning, loved it!!
  14. I need Amy Jellicoe in season two, just to have closure on her story. And can she bring her sister, Helen and Levi, too!

    Also: the music was almost more of an antagonist to my nerves than any of those despicable characters.

    I‘m happy that Quinn (seemingly) got to escape the life of empty corruption.
    Poor Belinda.
  15. I’d love it if Kylie was being shady with this comment but I doubt it.
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  16. Mike White needs to work that Year of The Dog connection to get Regina King on S2.
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  17. But what Survivor player is showing up as the waitstaff.
  18. Courtney Yates
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  19. Shirtless Kai has been in my thoughts since I saw this. DADDY, PLS.
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