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The White Lotus (HBO)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. I’m not sure I can handle another season where the mega wealthy escape essentially unscathed, so I need Valentina, Lucia, and Mia to come out the other side okay.

    The fact that the exchange between Lucia and that guy wasn’t subtitled made it clear that that was just a happy accident, and honestly Albie’s wounded bird obsession is just as toxic as anything his father and grandfather have done so let her plan come to fruition.

    Those final shots were incredible. The way it was set up like a horror film only for that delicious rug pull.
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  2. Doubt there's some underground plan to 'use' anyone. This is how most people literally behave on holiday. Everything is magnified and you are 100 x more social / horny / 'outrageous' and open to anything than usual. I should know nn.
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  3. I hate Ethan my god. "I never lie to you". Okay babes.
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  5. Ugh, I'm obsessed. Was the first season this mysterious? What will happen with the couples? What will happen with the hookers and Albie/his dad? What is happening with Essex boy fucking his "uncle"? I need to know!

    And yes, Meghann Fahy is delivering a masterclass. "You need to find yourself a trainer". Such a tossed off line with such baggage and pain. The perfect couple unraveling before our eyes.

    PS: Of course Albie fucks with his socks on.
  6. It's a shame Jennifer Coolidge's storyline is getting the short stick this season. I'd love her character to unravel some brand new nasty truth.
  7. Didn't she do just that in last night's cliffhanger.
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  8. Adore

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  9. I don’t buy into the theory Quentin is a hired killer, but leave it to a fagg-oop queen murderissy to be constantly waxing poetic about death and murder sksks. It was camp!
  10. Also I loved the scene between the dad and the grandpa and their “I am like this because of you” moment.
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  11. Memetic desire???


    Sexy king!!!
  12. These gays...I smell a stunt.
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  13. I’m obsessed with seeing the American and Italian cast mix together, the 9th pic is everything

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  14. I don’t think they actually have money and it’s all some sort of Tinder Swindler-esque scheme.
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  15. Did Daphne imply that Cameron wasn't the father of at least one of her children. With the blonde trainer then showing a photo of her children and one of them is blonde.
  16. Yes
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  17. Oh good. I thought that's what I saw and my boyfriend didn't understand it either.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. No because the season was terrible!

    Maybe I was just too tired last night to enjoy it.
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  20. Yeah this was her “don’t worry I have my molly and hookers moments too” darling moment.
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