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The White Lotus (HBO)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Jun 3, 2021.

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    I think this is gonna be an awakening for Tanya. She doesn’t need a husband who’s not interested in her. She can live a 'life of beauty' as discussed with Quentin, then get someone to rail her on the regular.
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  2. I mean, who among us…
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  3. Doing my nine to five
    I'm thinking six and nine
    I gotta make you mine
    Can you feel my
  4. LTG


  5. I know it’s wrong but I want Mia to suffer. She’s not a nice girl!
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  6. Madonna in 2012:
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  7. Gays move on from whatever made you happy in 2002 it’s been decades I beg

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  8. I apologise for throuple post but

    I can not!
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  9. I only recently discovered this show but I binged the first series and I've now caught up with the new one! It's brilliant, so glad I decided to watch it. The characters are so well written and acted.

    The Essex guy must be an escort, right?
    Those guys are definitely up to something dodgy with Tanya. It's all more complex that it initially seems.
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  10. Love how no one is talking about portia - she's the definition of basic.

    Great episode!

    random thoughts:

    - mike white wouldn't kill off a prostitute charater, simply for the subversion factor, would he
    - Aubrey is fascinating. Nailed every scene and tone.
    - Sabrina Impacciatore's subtle acting was beautiful in the Mia scene
    - Love that we got the Lucia & Albie romance fan service. They deserved this moment, all considered
    - Tanya's been a goner since ep. 2
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  11. My understanding is that they are scammers. I think the fact that he didn't pay for dinner was the big first clue, they have no money and scam rich women/men
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  12. I hate you.
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  13. ICONIC.
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  14. I am talking about Portia. I love how the got the casting just right. I kinda stan her 'this nice boy wants me but I'm gonna listen to my coochie' behaviour.
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  15. nn she fits the stereotypical San Francisco/Bay Area girl role to a T from fashion to personality.
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  16. This tracks but honestly, not being able to pay for arancini seemed a bit much. Surely one of the rich queens would have spotted him for it…

    (The Queen of Sicily line ended me.)
  17. Not paying for food / shoplifting is rich women's favourite sport, it doesn't mean anything.
  18. But after 5 minutes of that she’ll want a husband! She’s perpetually unhappy.
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  19. I understood it more like “bad boy” behavior which attracts Portia. Surely he *has* money for two rice bowls.

    Anyways, this is the moment of TV for 2022.
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  20. We love an organic hit!
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