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The White Lotus (HBO)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. Big Pop Girl era
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  2. It definitely feels much more like a pop culture moment this season, I’ve seen so many people talking about it online, including Ariana Grande dd

    Those rich guys had a literal yacht though? If they are scammers I need to know how they swindled that one.
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  3. Rented?
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  4. I love this show so much. Such an impeccable character study that builds its drama entirely through interactions and conversations. I love that a show about people on holiday has fan theories about how it’s gonna end. I can’t believe we only have two episodes yet!

    The first series was great to me - except for the final half hour of the last episode. I don’t think it stuck the landing. I hope the same doesn’t happen with this season.
  5. Absolutely! Uninteresting in her personality and absolutely painful to watch. She seems too boring for the fun she’s having!
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  6. I actually love Portia? I love her and her little german tourist sandals. I was so happy they had her in heels last ep!
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  7. I don’t like Portia but I still feel like she plays a key role in the series and Haley Lu Richardson plays the role well. And although I have a soft spot for Albie I appreciate the fact that she isn’t obligated to like him just because he’s the nice guy.
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  8. LTG


  9. I think Haley Lu Richardson is so much better than the role. Portia is the weakest written and performed character of the season. But maybe there's more to unfold.
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  10. I've grown super fond of Valentina. I really hope she comes out of this season with a positive arc.
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  11. Yeah she’s a nasty bih… for a reason! She’s just breathtaking in every scene.
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  12. I kinda feel like Cameron and Daphne might be trying to set the other two up? The whole trip away / condom wrapper etc seemed a bit purposeful. I haven’t watched the most recent episode though so might be way off.
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  13. He


    The short commentary by the actors is quite nice
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  14. Every single woman in this cast is giving the most mesmerizing performance.
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  15. I just finished episode 3 and this show is so fucking well constructed that actually the death flash forward that opened the season feels somewhat contrived in hindsight.

    Anyway, pressing play on episode 4…
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  16. Just to add to all the talk in here, what's the deal with Nonno (F. Murray Abraham's character)? Of course, no one really likes old conservative men. But his presence is haunting.

    There have been 2 accidents with him which seem ominous: him tripping by the pool in the first episode, and coming back from breakfast with a band-aid on his head in the fifth. There must also be something about... Lucia kidding she can get with older guys, carrying Viagra in her handbag and being caught by Nonno in his own room.

    Maybe Nonno will either die... or play some part in dissolving Albie and Lucia's fling?
  17. Is the murder mystery aspect necessary for this show? It's been mostly irrelevant and I have stopped thinking about it since the first episode. I would be fine observing a week in the life of these people and then just letting them go on being terrible. They don't have to contrive a death (or multiple) for me to be interested.
  18. Considering who died and the circumstances around it in season 1 I would say it is a fundamental part of the show’s story evolution.
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  19. I will absolutely laugh if the murder mystery part of this season ends up not being relevant at all and it was just some random hotel guest that accidentally drowned.
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