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'...Alice has been there... She said it was fun... Swimming and surfing, enjoying the sun... Hey Honolulu, we're going to happy Hawaii...'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Happy Hawaii -


Frida feeling ha oats there, while Agnetha looks terrified.

Average: 6.0652
Highest score: 1 *
10.0 - @DJHazey
Lowest score: 1 * 0.00 - @WhatKindOfKylie? (surprise, surprise...)
My score: 6.50

We lose an Arrival-related song at #74. Recorded in April 1976, it was never actually released as part of the album before the 2001 re-issues, but in February 1977 it was released as the b-side to Knowing Me, Knowing You. Infamously labelled as the early version of Why Did It Have to Be Me?, it kept the melody of the verses and chorus, but the production sounded a little bit more tropical and featured the girls on vocal duty, instead of the bluesy Björn led album track we originally got.

I very much prefer Why Did It Have to Be Me? as I think that one has a lot more going for it, it has one of Björn's better vocals with a moment from the girls and it's not drawn out. This one, however, seems to go on forever, has quite an uninspired vocal by the ladies (though it can be what they were going for, quite relaxed etc.) and there's just not a lot going on.

Let's start things off with our zero giver WhatKindOfKylie? as he throws another one out and dare I say I kinda agree with him when he says "I just can't warm to this one!!! I have discovered many great gems doing this rate, but will never seek out this one again will confess.", though I really don't see what would ignite anyone to give this nil points.


I find myself disagreeing with Mikey1701 for the first time as he prefers this one over the other, thinking this is "definitely the superior version of the song, the awful country and western overtones have been dispensed with and the girls sound great as always- but it’s still nothing special. Had it been on either Waterloo and ABBA it might have worked better given the number of tracks from them with a tropical feel.". I feel like this is a crossroads of some sorts for us, sis... Though you do have a few points.

Poor ol' Sprockrooster says you can never go wrong with "a bit of schlägermuzik. This would work with carnival.". If I ever visit a carnival and they play this, I'm hitting the bar immediately. Who am I kidding, I'm already there!
And though I wouldn't call this schlagermusic either, ufint states that this is "a little bit what the Scandinavians call “dansband”, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it sounds a tad tired.", so I guess both of them could have a point here.

bichard calls it "So much more joyous than the dirge that made it onto Arrival. Carefree and wonderful. The album version feels like it's been castrated for the sake of credibility.", but I'm not agreeing as I think this is actually a lot cooler than Why Did It Have to Be Me??
constantino finds it "Very pretty, very fun - I wholeheartedly approve." and P'nutbutter simply calls it a "Brilliant pop song.". chris4862, meanwhile thinks it's "Lyrically trite", but can't deny "the production is so lush".

TrueBeliever remembers "being so confused the first time I heard this song regarding why they revamped Why Did it Have to Be Me?’s melody. I’d love to know the backstory to how this all came about, but can’t be arsed to look it up myself.". I'm guessing they just thought this wasn't good enough and I can see why, as the other packs a little bit more of a punch.
tylerc904 compliments the boys, while saying this is "A breezy, tropical bop (this is how you do it Tropical Loveland/Sitting in a Palmtree!). Love their pernounciation of “Hawaii”. Of course I’m happy Why Did It Have To Be Me? came to fruition but generous Benny/Bjorn are kings for giving us this as a little bonus.". And though I don't particularly adore the song, I do see his point as it gave us a different take on a previously released song. Who knows what they have left in the vaults as unreleased treasures...

Seeking rarities out can be quite an unrewarding experience, as Hudweiser admits "This proved elusive for a long time and I finally found it on a weird German compilation CD that cost the earth (in those days) only to learn it was just Why Did it Have to be Me? with different lyrics. It's nice enough but feels a bit redundant.". I can totes imagine your disappointment, sis...

Some of you are with me on favouring the album track we initially ended up with.
VivaForever admits it makes her "appreciate Why Did It Have to Be Me? a little more. At least it's not this... dumb." and CasperFan agrees, saying it's "A not-as-good Why did it have to be me? A bit too tropical for me-but still a great melody.".

Mina thinks it "Sounds like any generic track you hear in a commercial for an exotic foreign destination." and SecretsOfFatima wants to go on holiday after seeing those commercials, uttering "Cheesy travel anthem icons only.", but I'm guessing Filippa won't be going with him anytime soon after stating "Not mine.". Ouch.

Let's end things with idratherjack who expresses my feelings about the song to a Tea:
"Interesting little curio but I'm glad it turned into Why Did It Have To Be Me?."

A cartoon video for the song was released in Australia during ABBA-mania:

And in 1977 it was covered by German singer Manuela who sang it in her native tongue... Hold on to your wigs, gurls.

Deleted member 312

I'm totally baffled by the Why Did It Have To Be Me love-in. I fucking hate it. I actually heard Happy Hawaii long before the former, as it was on my Grandma's copy of Knowing Me... When that bass kicks in at the beginning it's a moment. I feel bad for you all that you can't recognise how brilliant Happy Hawaii is. Poor yous...

(For the record, I gave it 9.5).
I'm totally baffled by the Why Did It Have To Be Me love-in. I fucking hate it. I actually heard Happy Hawaii long before the former, as it was on my Grandma's copy of Knowing Me... When that bass kicks in at the beginning it's a moment. I feel bad for you all that you can't recognise how brilliant Happy Hawaii is. Poor yous...

(For the record, I gave it 9.5).

Wait at me agreeing with you.


- Arrival...-



Average: 6.1304
Highest score: 3 *
10.0 - @Sprockrooster @WhipperSnapper @nlgbbbblth
Lowest score: 2 * 0.00 - @idratherjack @VivaForever
My score: 7.50

Arrival loses its second song in a row (third overall) and it's Benny who takes another hit as we lose the title track from their fourth album. It's notable for being the second and last song not to contain any lyrics in their entire discography, the first being Intermezzo No. 1, but we said goodbye to that one a while ago...

Recorded in the summer of 1976, it's heavily unfluenced by Swedish folk music and it actually received its name from the album title, rather than the other way around, as the band had already decided on the name for their fourth.

I quite enjoy it, as it's floaty and airy and the harmonies in the background are quite nice. I've never skipped it when it came on, but I never really seek it out intentionally though...

Let's start with poor ol' Sprockrooster who is our sole 10 giver with something to say... "This goes in deep. This is not your average background music. This makes you stop working and listen. An interlude that is actually how it should be done! I know it was a closer as initially intended, but Fernando following it is a true bliss.". Bless your heart, sis. But I'd call it more of an album closer and a full song, rather than an interlude, but do you.

The naysayers, however, did have something to say though...
VivaForever says she doesn't "do instrumentals. They shouldn't have either." and idratherjack calls it "Pointless. Not here for instrumental ABBA.". And yes, they both gave Intermezzo No. 1 a big fat zero too...

CasperFan is keeping his disdain for the song a secret from his beau, admitting his "other half loves this song so much so I feel bad for the low score but I find instrumental songs dreary and bagpipes as well-ugh!". And speaking of bagpipes, kalonite isn't a fan either, thinking "The only thing worse than faux-bagpipes are real bagpipes.". Sis, even Madonna used them on The Confessions Tour, so you'll learn to like them and deal.
Someone who refuses to deal though is bichard... "Everybody knows how I feel about bagpipes. Well, everyone who knows me. I fucking HATE THEM. Hence this shitty instrumental never really stood a chance. But even without them, it's still a bit....nothingy.". Were you hurt by bagpipes in the past, precious?
By the way... All of the above gave it a measly two.

The usage of bapipes is also very prominent in the music for the Irish stepdance Riverdance and some of you were dancing on air listening to this one...
constantino asks "Is this from Michael Flatley’s Lord of The Dance? I honestly don’t know how I feel about this…". Well, you gave it a six, so we get a pretty good idea. SecretsOfFatima thinks the same, but in a more positive way, saying "It reminds me of Riverdance, in a good way.".
I'd love to see someone stepdancing to this one, but it'd be a bit non-eventy, I'm afraid.

WhatKindOfKylie? is being "honest, I just find these instrumental numbers by any artist just a bit pointless, and not needed. A tad better than the other one though." and TrueBeliever asks "Again, how do we rate an instrumental? I like Intermezzo better than this, but this certainly evokes a pleasant romp in the moors and highlands of Scotland (or Sweden).". Well, we chucked the other one out thirteen places ago, so you can go ahead and fight it out for yourselves.

We're losing this at (a rather respective, in my opinion) #73 because it received a lot of middling scores, because it just didn't really evoke any emotions or interest in some of you...
Mina says that "As far as instrumentals by vocal groups go, this one is actually not bad." and Hudweiser states that "When it finally gets up there and the group are 'ah-ah-ahhhh-ing' it's pleasant enough, but I just never seem to want to bother with this.".

Let's end with a little bit of love, eh?
Uno would have really loved to have seen this "open up the album - why the hell would they chuck such a great intro at Track #10?". I don't know about that, because what they went with was fantastic, methinks.
And the ever so eloquent Filippa simply states it has a "Beautiful melody.". Bless!

Meanwhile P'nutbutter thinks it's "Kinda like their own version of a national anthem, isn't it?"...
Well, let's listen to it again, shall we?

Others liked it, but would have loved the girls singing some lyrics.
Mikey1701 guesses this "Could have done with the girls warbling some uplifting lyrics but I guess that this is okay.", while tylerc904 thinks they "Should have just whacked some lyrics on this and it would probably be a 10!".

I wouldn't know about it being a 10, but Frida did try it later on...
She did Belle with Daniel Balavoine in 1983 for the French musical ABBAcadabra, where the good sis showed off her French...

...And that same year she re-recorded and re-interpreted it in English with B.A. Robertson. This version was called Time and you can watch the stunning video here...

I can see where One Stop Candy Shop would have been reminded of a more classical artist while listening to his, as he tells us "Sarah Brightman made a really nice cover (with lyrics) of this for her Christmas album.", but since the good sis blocked it from my area, I can't really let you enjoy her cover version...

An icon we can enjoy her version of is Petula Clark. She released an interpretation, called La Vallée for her 1977 Petula Clark album.

Michele Torr released a version of her own that same year, called J'aime from her album of the same name. The bagpipes on it sound absolutely hideous though...

...And for his QE2 album, Mike Oldfield recorded a cover version of the song, which is basically the ABBA version without the harmonies in the background and an electric guitar instead of the bagpipes...