The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

It's something I'd sing/dance along to if someone played on a jukebox but I probably won't find myself alone and singing the night away to it like I would with anything on Voulez-Vous.

Let us not forget the steaming pile of shit I Have A Dream now.
My Mama Said is overrated tripe.


'...I believe in angels... Something good in everything I see... I believe in angels... When I know the time is right for me I'll cross the stream...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in I Have a Dream -



Average: 6.2391
Highest score: 6 *
10.0 - @constantino @ufint @VivaForever @AllGagaLike @WhipperSnapper @Angeleyes
Lowest score: 1 * 0.00 - @WhatKindOfKylie?
My score: 4.00

Here it is. Our first big loss falls at #71. Voulez-Vous loses its first cut, Frida takes another blow to the face, the sitar's put back in its rightful place at the bottom of the closet and will somebody please think about the children?

Recorded in 1979 and released that same year as the third track on their sixth album, it got given the single treatment and was subsequently released in December as their Christmas single while the group was touring the world. It features a children's choir from Stockholm and was an absolutely massive hit, reaching the top spot in Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and dear old Flanders and was a top 10 hit in almost all of Europe... Funny enough, it never even reached the top 50 of the Australian charts, where they were absolutely fucking massive, so the good sistren over there showed they actually had a bit of taste, eh?

I remember my mother saying "Die hadden zo'n goede nummers op dat album en brachten dat dan uit..." which roughly translates as "They had such great songs on that album and then put that out...". Well, we may not have the best of relationships right now, but she was always fucking SPOT ON when it came to music. It was robbed of the top spot in the United Kingdom by Pink Floyd's (rather iconic) Another Brick in the Wall and she's still living for it.

Frida's a fantastically gifted technical singer, but this song is evidence that even our queen can go astray. That vibrato, those long ass last notes at the end of every fucking sentence... Girl, bye.

It's our first loss to receive that many 10's and only received one single 0, but that one comes courtesy of WhatKindOfKylie? who threw them out like candy, seaux... It was one of the more polarizing songs of the rate, that's for sure, and received my second lowest score after Put On Your White Sombrero, which I hate with a passion that's stronger than my own being.

I don't want to go on about the song myself, so let's go over to our esteemed panel of judges, shall we?

Let's start with VivaForever.
The good sis dares us all... "Come at me hoes.".
Yes, let's.

"Their worst single by far for me. It just plods on, and on and on for like an eternity. Even Frida sounds ever so slightly bored on it too.".
It pains me to say, but WhatKindOfKylie?'s correct in stating the above. Though I don't think it deserves the zero thrown at it, it is their worst single... We'll forget the low-key ones we've lost so far, but for a group that was an absolute tour-de-force at the time of release, this blows.

bichard takes on the same stance as my mother, questioning "Why this was ever included on such an awesome album, never mind released as a single remains a mystery. Still, it ended up being the biggest hit from said album. Nonetheless, it still stands out as the nadir of their late 70s career. Just schlager shit...". Mind-boggling, innit.
That schlagery composition is partly to blame for its early exlusion, as Filippa admits it has a "Good melody but too much schlager and kitsch for me.". You and me both.

SHIT seems to a word that's put in your mouths a lot, as even tylerc904 admits it is...
"I have said it a thousand times before so I won’t harp on it, but boy is this shitty. Cheesy and meandering melodically, and children proving yet again that they ruin everything.".

That children's choir proved popular...
Who even is surprised at poor ol' Sprockrooster loving this? "Loving the involvement of the choir and what's that instrument that is mainly on the beat?". It's a fucking sitar, sis, as explained by Mumty when he explains "The biggest problem I have with this is the sitar. The live version is actually quite lovely.".
TrueBeliever's being honest with us, admitting "Despite loving Frida and sitars, I abhor this single, and I don’t know why. It just grates on my last nerve. I guess I’ll just blame Benny for its lackluster and clichéd composition.". You can't just put this one on Benny though, can you?

... But then again the children's choir proved quite unpopular too.
idratherjack thinks "The children's choir tips this over the edge into so saccharine it gives you toothache. I also have horrific memories of the Westlife cover.". We'll have more on that one later.
And though One Stop Candy Shop thinks the "Studio version is just fine", even he admits "but all those children's choirs on the live versions are not my cup of tea.". Nor mine, gurl.

Our queen was thrown some shade, as Mina's right when saying it's "Saccharine ickiness. Also, Frida's vibrato in this track is like nails on a chalkboard.".
Even Mikey1701 felt guilty for "throwing shade on a Queen Frida led track but I really hate I Have Diarrhoea . It’s without a doubt one of my least favourite ABBA songs- at least Two For The Price Of One has a camp, novelty factor about it. It’s just a load of schmaltzy shite that has no business being on a parent album full to the brim with disco bangers. The production is grating and that children’s choir…. No. I don’t think I listened to this for years prior to the rate and I probably won’t do so again.".
I can't wait for you all to see what score I gave Two for the Price of One... CAN'T WAIT!

On the other hand chris4862 awarded it a 5, but four of those points were for Frida's "fundamental elements: Weaves, Tanning, Fashion, Serving Looks". Preach a bit.

Having said all this, the song actually did receive a bit of love from some of you.
ufint asks "Why all this hate for this wonderful little hymn? If you see the wonder of a fairytale, you can take the future even if you fail. C'mon and show this little piece of heaven the love it deserves, don't hate for no reason."... No reason? See all of the above.
CasperFan knows "this song is not popular amongst ABBA fans but I like it- gorgeous melody , lovely vocals.". Questionable. Even SecretsOfFatima accepts "certain members will vilify me for this choice, but I genuinely think it is a nice song. Wholly out of place on its parent album, but nonetheless enjoyable.". You're absolutely right in thinking it sticks out like a sore fucking thumb on Voulez-Vous, but the rest? Hmmm.

I'll end with constantino as I was SHOCKED to the power (SHOCKED!) after reading it was "Another 11 contender for me. What a fucking song; so ethereal, so otherworldly, so quintessentially ABBA. The guitar-work is absolutely impeccable and the harmonies ~take me there~ every time.".





It received a live video, as, as I said before, it was released as the group was touring the world.

In 1980 it was released in Spanish as Estoy Soñando for Gracias por la Musica and received a lovely little video.

A live version was also released in 1986 as a track on ABBA Live...

...And again in 2014 as a track on their Live at Wembley album.
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Now... About that Westlife version.
GhettoPrincess felt the need to rate that version, saying "Westlife ruining this song… gosh I hate them. ", when even ABBA couldn't make this work and even
P'nutbutter mentioned them too, thinking "Fuck Westlife for ruining this song for me, but it actually isn't one of my favourites.".
Epic Chocolat, meanwhile, makes me question some of ha taste levels after admitting "I love this song and the cover version by Westlife. Christmas playlist staple.". Sis...
Such a cringey video too...

Hudweiser speaks for the people, when stating "Love it or hate it, it's a classic. Fun to strum on guitar, and the message is pure Eurovis schmaltz, and kids' choirs bluuurrggh!!! Westlife covering it seemed inevitible and repugnant. Why has nobody made a Hi-NRG dance version?".
Sis, somebody did and even that can't save it, really...

Amanda Seyfried sang the song in Mamma Mia! The Movie in quite a sweet and innocent fashion too.

And as tylerc904 explained before, here's further proof that children do ruin everything...
Connie Talbot covered it for her Over the Rainbow album...

Absolutely dreadful.

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Good riddance!

Now, where the fuck is Move On...? That's equally schmaltzy and painful, after all.

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I have to admit my mom loves this song. Whenever ABBA's mentioned she immediatly starts with how good they are to which I agree. But then it comes: especially this one song - Filippa you know which one I mean. Yeah I know and and that's the time when "I try to sneak out without saying" ... ;-)

Good that it's gone. The only Frida-led-song that I really don't like ...
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Isn't it funny that Agnetha got all the MegaBallads but also all the bops like As Good As New and Gimme Gimme Gimme, whilst poor Frida was left with the dross and mediocrity like I Have A Dream and Super Trouper. Poor AF.

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Yeah Frida got more the dramatic and musical-like songs. There are some true gems like Knowing You Knowing Me or The Visitors, though.

And nearly all of the faster tracks and the heartbreak ballads went to Agnetha.

But to me they should have let Frida sing the more rocking songs she really shines on such songs like I Know There's Something Going On ...

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Yeah Frida got more the dramatic and musical-like songs. There are some true gems like Knowing You Knowing Me or The Visitors, though.

And nearly all of the faster tracks and the heartbreak ballads went to Agnetha.

But to me they should have let Frida sing the more rocking songs she really shines on such songs like I Know There's Something Going On ...

You're right of course. Arrival and The Visitors are the albums where I think Frida really got the chance to shine. Her turn on Money Money Money is brilliant, the same with The Visitors and I Let The Music Speak. Plus there's the beautiful Cassandra and Should I Laugh Or Cry.

I still maintain The Day Before You Came would benefit from a Frida lead too.
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