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I'll end with constantino as I was SHOCKED to the power (SHOCKED!) after reading it was "Another 11 contender for me. What a fucking song; so ethereal, so otherworldly, so quintessentially ABBA. The guitar-work is absolutely impeccable and the harmonies ~take me there~ every time.".

Yeah Frida got more the dramatic and musical-like songs. There are some true gems like Knowing You Knowing Me or The Visitors, though.

For a song about the oppression of Soviet political 'dissidents', The Visitors certainly goes off! Imagine if they had led the campaign with that as a single- it was VERY daring for ABBA in 1981 and for 1981 in general.

One Of Us is a fantastic track and I absolutely love it, mind you. The whole era was incredible even if the sales tanked. It was a sharp turn into darkness sprinkled with a couple of moments of levity, Frida slaying the world with her mid-era weave change and lace fantasies and some wonderfully affecting lyrics.
To be fair, it wasn't released in the US until it was already a year old, to promote The Singles, I believe? So major fans already knew it from The Visitors. The lead single from The Visitors here was "When All is Said and Done," which made top 30. "One of Us" might have done better if they hadn't have released "The Visitors" as the second single here which, as great as it is, doesn't really work as a single. Kind of like how "When All is Said and Done" should have been the second UK single over "Head Over Heels."

'...My mama said "I know you've been out again with Fred."... My mama said "Don' you lie, your cheeks are blushing red."...'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in My Mama Said -



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10.0 - @TrueBeliever @haps @2014 @DJHazey
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My score: 7.00

Waterloo loses its next song as we reach the top 70 in the form of My Mama Said. Recorded in 1973 and subsequently released as the fifth song on its parent album in 1974, it features both Agnetha and Frida on vocals. Their harmonies show quite a lot of personality and kind of a different side to their voices as there's a clear contrast between the sweet, high harmony on the one hand and the more strict, masculine harmony on the other.

The R&B song deals with a girl trying to come to terms with her mother's strict parenting skills and let's face it... We've all been there, n'est-ce pas? It shouldn't really sound like ABBA too, but at the same time sounds quintessentially them. It's kind of a forgotten gem in their discography and I was very happy to have rediscovered it while preparing for this rate. It just sounds effortlessly cool and funky without them trying too hard.

TrueBeliever's our only 10-giver who had something to say, but it's quite personal to him and I wholeheartedly agree with him when he states it's a "Fucking fantastic funky groove. This has grown into my favorite on the album over the last five years, as it helped get me through my mom’s cancer battle and death.". I'm extremely sorry for your loss, sis, and I'm very happy this odd little song helped you through such a hard time.

tylerc904 loves the fact "Friday, Bjorn and Benny already looked 40 on the Waterloo album but are singing this teen bop with Agnetha. I love the funky bass, and how the lyrics capture the signature manipulative, melodramatic mother we all know (“I suppose you’d rather see me dead”)."... Here she is, people! FRIDAY, the kween of reverse aging. I agree with everything else you said, of course, as my mother was (read: still is) too the queen of manipulative melodrama.
One Stop Candy Shop is here for giving Mommie Dearest a bit of parenting advice on top of her overbearing ways as he tells her "Mama should've said: "Write better songs!"."... Ouch!

Poor ol' Sprockrooster takes his time in between drags from a spliff to tell us this is a "Smooth joint.", but he wasn't the only one getting that particular vibe from listening to this one, as constantino thought it had a "real loungey quality to this, which I appreciate." and Mumty likes "the bluesy vibe going on here.", while feeling "The rhyming in this song is unforgivable.". Some people are so hard to please, aren't they?

Mina thinks it's a "weak entry into the "teen rebellion" category." and we could say the same of Filippa's commentary as she goes all street team stanny on us, shouting "The voices of the girls rule!" after admitting to really liking My Mama Said.
bichard's not here for this song though. He is reminded, however, about another teen rebellion anthem... "This is essentially Lady Gaga's Hair in the 1970s, wrapped in a vaguely funky, minor key backdrop that really doesn't suit it. At least she went out with Fred…". Well, we all know Frida's not shy of a new haircut or seven, don't we?

I've said before that you can definitely hear the groundwork for what their sound would later be and ufint agrees with me, saying "It has elements of what made ABBA so good later on in their career. Sure, its production should be dragged to hell and back but in the sea of piss that is this album this is such a highlight.". Really? I think the production is the highlight here and I'm not the only one either.

Mikey1701 gushes "Gosh! Am I the only one who hears some 1970s R&B overtones in this? This could have been a perfectly serviceable album track on the Voulez-Vous album, which is no bad thing! The instrumental in the breakdown is pretty nifty as well." and I can immediately answer that with a NO. The following did too, actually...
WhatKindOfKylie? feels it's "more like a more later day ABBA track from the late 70's, with its slight Disco sound. A nice pleaseant discovery." and Hudweiser has to admit he "used to love this more than I do these days, but it's still so leftfield for them that it's worthwhile on those merits alone and the lyrics are bonkers genius in places.".
Meanwhile SecretsOfFatima sees something totally different from everyone else when listening to this one, thinking it's a "Strange song, but still entertaining. I love it more as I can imagine Frida giving it one of her iconic dance breaks.". 'Bonkers and genius in places' indeed.

Even VivaForever was a fan of it, stating "This has cool production", but then admitted "but the vocal melody just does nothing. Shame, as if it had come later in their career when they were more up to making pop magic, it probably would have been really special. *Narrator voice* But it didn't.".
CasperFan wasn't a fan of it either, thinking there wasn't "much to this one-vocals sound muted and very plodding.". Gurl...

We'll end with P'nutbutter who gives this a 9 while screaming "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".
Do you, babe.

Matt Pop also remixed this one apparently, but I personally think it's his worst re-work, non?