The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...


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Dance is indeed lovely, but it's the right time for it to leave.
There's a song left that really needs to go now though. Hey Hey Helen what's good?
Definitely blind-sided by this one, as I figured it'd easily make the Top 40 at least. Should've known that since everyone and their brother was militantly slighting everything on the first two albums, that this would happen. It's become rather obvious what my 11 is now and I will be fearing for it everyday. The taste in this rate disgusts me to the core.
bichard admits hearing something NONE of us will understand... "When I used to listen to my Dad's vinyl ABBA Greatest Hits, I used to think that this and Another Town, Another Train were pretty much the same song, but listening with old ears this is obviously loads better. The Agnetha bits are of course the highlight.". This is actually a lot more eventful than the Ring Ring track, non? Thank Frida for your 'old ears', eh, precious?

Actually yes... I had a few cheapo compilations and both songs were next to each other a few times. I didn't think of them as the same, but they seemed joined at the hip for some reason.

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Thank you! It's the tempo, the Bjorness and the soundscape I think.

(For the record, I thanks to my old ears I gave Dance twice the marks of Another Town!)
First the 6 for Stronger and now this. @Mina going for full heartbreak.

If it's any consolation, I think I'm in the minority about that one. And probably would have scored it a few points higher in retrospect. I think it being sandwiched in between so much tripe didn't help when I was listening to that album in consecutive order.

'...I only wanted a little love affair... Now I can see you are beginning to care, but baby... Believe me... It's better to forget me!'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Why Did It Have to Be Me? -


Fanmade, but quite lovely, innit.

Average: 6.5000
Highest score: 2 *
10.0 - @Animalia @idratherjack
Lowest score: 1 * 1.50 - @P'NutButter
My score: 9.00

Now... One of the most polarizing songs in this rate falls...

Originally titled Happy Hawaii, which we already lost at #74, Why Did It Have to Be Me? was written and recorded in 1976 and was released that same year as the eighth song on Arrival. Happy Hawaii featured both girls on lead vocals and was more laid back (and quite uneventful to these ears), but this one has Björn on lead vocals, with the girls doing backing vocals and guesting at the end of the chorus, while delivering quite a 'moment'.

It's quite a blues-y number and all three members are on top form on the vocal front. Björn's sounds kinda inspired, in contrast to some of his other leads, and the girls let fucking rip, which is something they had never really done before on other albums. (We'll forget the screams on King Kong Song for your sakes, you heathens.) It took a while to grow on me, but eventually opened itself up to me as a really fun song that tells the tale of a guy falling for a girl, but she's not really in it for the long haul and tells him TEW FORGET HEEEER. Sorry.

We'll start with our only 10-giver who had something to say to us and that's idratherjack asking "Is this "schlager"? Who knows but I do know I love it". Well, it's schlagery-y blues and R&B to answer your question and you're absolutely correct in loving it.

Mumty gives it a backhanded compliment, saying "This is such a strong album, even the weaker tracks like this still rock.". I wouldn't really call it weaker, but it's surrounded by fucking classics, so it was bound to get lost by some people...
Poor ol' Sprockrooster thinks it has "Absolute brilliant production." (Yes, it does.) and tylerc904 says it's "Another one I love, the duet style really works on this. I love the insane shrieking “TO FORGET MEEEEE”.". Bloody fantastic, that moment.

It wasn't loved by everyone though as Mina thinks it's "Forgettable." and lowest scorer P'nutbutter says it's "An unwanted throwback to their earlier albums.". Now, gurls, come on... I get the comment about it being kind of a throwback, but I see it more as a continuation of that sound, as it's a little more nuanced and has all three members sharing vocal duties. That wouldn't have happened on those albums... But forgettable? Once that melody's lodged itself into your brain, it can stay there all fucking day.

Calling it "The nadire of its parent album" is Mikey1701, saying "the obligatory Bjorn led track has traces of 1960s/1970s American country and western which marks this as one the most un-ABBA songs they ever recorded. It would have sounded more at home on Waterloo or Ring Ring, which really is an indication of it’s quality, or lack of.". Even constantino states it's just "...ok...I guess every album has to have a weaker track or two…".
I was counting on you girls theaux...

It reminded WhatKindOfKylie? of their earlier work too, but he actually gave this one a nice score of huit points, calling it "Very, very catchy I just can't deny it. Yes, it's mostly Bjorn central akin to many of the Ring Ring era tracks, but at least this has a good tune to go with it too.".
TrueBeliever thought it was one of Björn's better lead vocals too, admitting he loved "that everyone gets a bit of vocal spotlight here (yes, even Bjorn).". Aw.
CasperFan is reminded of another group from that time period. "I’ve always loved this song-another Quo-style song, much prefer this to Happy Hawaii, love it when the girls vocal comes in. Nice sax work too!". Remember when we actually liked the sax in songs? Good times.

Speaking of the original, of course some of you liked that one better...
One Stop Candy Shop, take it away! "Nice song, but let the girls sing this. (I prefer Happy Hawaii.)" and bichard makes absolutely no sense to me at all when saying "I heard Happy Hawaii before this due to my Grandma having the 7" of Knowing Me Knowing You, and perhaps that colours my view, but this version is far inferior as far as I'm concerned. Is it the Bjorn lead? Is it the honky-tonk sound? Who knows, but this is not great to these ears.".


VivaForever gave this a 6 with this in mind.

Let's refresh ha mind a bitsy...

A lot of you forgot about Agnetha when commenting on this song, because of a certain performance.
Hudweiser admits "Ultimately, I prefer this to Happy Hawaii, the bluesy sound they've given it works well and for a Bjorn vocal it's not bad at all. I liked that they made it a duet with Frida for their tours.".
chris4862 calls it "Such a fun song elevated further by picturing Frida's iconic performance on tour." and Filippa doesn't consider this "the best song on the album. Like the live Version though. Frida’s sensational.", while SecretsOfFatima just states "Sassy Frida is better than my existence.". Yath.
Said performance is the 1977 one they performed on the Australian leg of their first world tour and the one they rightfully showed in ABBA: The Movie that same year.

Agnetha did, however, feature on the live performance of their 1976 Australian TV special ABBA-DABBA-DOOO!!.

Björn and Frida also performed this as a duet on their 1979 world tour.
A little over a year ago, I would have been thrilled to see "Why Did It Have to Be Me?" cut so early. I hated it, and resented the fact that the remastered Arrival CD had two versions of the one song I couldn't stand, while the other ten tracks were pretty much flawless. But I warmed up to it after watching Frida go HAM during it in The Movie and now it's not even my least favorite on the album anymore. I wish the studio version had the ending of the live version, rather than a fade out.