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It's a load of shite!

*listens to 'Summer Night City'*


Indeed. If I recall correctly, I only gave it 0.5 more than you!
VivaForever gave this a 6 with this in mind.

Let's refresh ha mind a bitsy...
I was probably being too clever for my own good, but that was meant to be a response to the song title ("Why did it have to be me?" "Don't know..."), not a comment that it was forgettable.

By the way, Frida mentioned in an FAQ on the old ABBA site that Why Did It Have to Be Me was one of her favorite songs to do live.

'...Is it worth the pain to see the children cry? Does it hurt when they ask for daddy? Hey, hey Helen... Now you live on your own...'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Hey, Hey Helen -


Björn's face.... DDDDDDDDDDDD

Average: 6.6304
Highest score: 6 *
9.00 - @Remorque @ohnostalgia @Gotnomoretosay @tylerc904 @WhatKindOfKylie? @nlgbbbblth
Lowest score: 1 * 2.00 - @CasperFan
My score: 9.00

Hey, Hey Helen kinda slipped under everyone's radar, didn't it? We lose it at #67 and it's notable in our countdown for being the last song not to receive a single 10... It didn't receive anything below the 2
CasperFan gave it either though.

It was released in 1975 as the second song on the tracklisting of the self-titled and is a glam rock song with funk elements and a goddamn catchy hook. It features the girls wondering if this girl Helen will make it alone in the world raising her kids as a single mother after divorcing her husband. At the time it was quite a bold move as divorce rates were going up, but divorce wasn't a subject a lot of people were ready to open up about to the world... Leave it to Agnetha and Frida to teach the children it is possible to make it on your own!

It's a funky little song where both of the girls give us lots of attitude on the vocal front and it was an early indication of how complimentary their voices sounded together, as the harmonies on this one are tight as fuck.

Agreeing with me is bae constantino who was pleasantly surprised, saying "Ooh there are some phenomenal harmonies here, Anni-Frid and Agnetha have more chemistry than either of the straight relationships within the band ever did #sorryboutit.". And that's the T.

TrueBeliever also thought the "Vocals are pretty stellar on this song. However, the instrumentation is a bit of a hippy-dippy, tambourine-banging quagmire that could really use an update. Gets super repetitive at the end.". Poor ol' Sprockrooster agrees on the production front, thinking "a bit coated in an unaccesible sonical layer. A bit of a shame.", but still absolutely loves "the concept and the thematical background of this song. Emancipation queens.".
bichard meanwhile liked the production, saying "There's something weird going on in the chord progression and the piano in the chorus on this song that really elevates this song. Plus, the middle eight is pretty ridiculously awesome. I also like the fact that it's about a woman fucking off her man to find herself. Emmeline Pankhurst would be proud! One of the best album tracks on the eponymous...". I wholeheartedly agree.
Here's the good sis expressing her gratefulness.

Mikey1701 thought it was a "decent album track with some interesting production on the middle-8 breakdown. That being said, I’m not desperate to listen to it again." and Hudweiser asks "Glam rock bops about a single mother? I like it, but it has album track stamped all over.". I kinda agree with you too, but it's definitely one of the more interesting deep cuts...

Disagreeing with me are naysayers Mina, who thinks it's "Boring." and lowest scorer CasperFan first doubts himself at first, admitting to having been "a bit harsh with this song", but then says "but coming after the glorious Mamma Mia it’s a bit of a backwards step-just a bit ordinary...".





Admitting to loving it is SecretsOfFatima "even if it is a bit strange and slightly reminiscent of the first two albums.". And speaking of those first two albums, Filippa is reminded of a song we already lost at #70 from their second album, saying "It reminds me of My Mama Said. And I like it as well!". The top 70 didn't exactly start out for you ideally, didn't it, precious?

chris4862 is ready to be dragged by y'all, but I'm definitely joining him in saying "These early ABBA rock bops are giving me life right now."... Preach a bit, sis. I'll forgive you for only giving King Kong Song a 5,5...

I told you this has a goddamn catchy hook before and P'nutbutter thinks so too, stating it's a "bloody earworm" and WhatKindOfKylie? thinks it's "Another one of their mid 70's glam rock numbers, but with a slight more funkier feel. I think this one deserves more attention, it's very singalong and I have had that catchy chorus stuck in my head for days since first hearing it.".

Let's listen to it again, shall we?

You're welcome.

They opened their 1975 concert in Eskilstuna with this song...

...And also mimed a performance of it during Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert that same year, sporting some incredible fashion.

Matt Pop also remixed it as part of his ABBA re-works...

...And Lush covered it in 1990 for their Gala album too.
About the right time for it to go, I guess.

It sounds there's some odd (and awesome) pitch bend thing going on with the guitars at times, the boys starting to really make the most of their studio toys.

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Aww...this is the first elimination to really sting since my beloved Nina left! How most of the shit on The Album prevails over both these songs remains one of the universe's little mysteries...
Aww...this is the first elimination to really sting since my beloved Nina left! How most of the shit on The Album prevails over both these songs remains one of the universe's little mysteries...
I have a feeling that you include Take A Chance On Me in this as you never highlight it. If so, I'm..troubled!