The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

An ode to the female orgasm* was never going to cut it with you lot, so I'm not shocked to see this one leave.

Take it easy with me, please
Touch me gently like a summer evening breeze
Take your time, make it slow
Andante, Andante
Just let the feeling grow
Make your fingers soft and light
Let your body be the velvet of the night
Touch my soul, you know how
Andante, Andante
Go slowly with me now

Equal parts 'ew' and 'amazing'.

I had it as 63rd on my list so not bad.
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Thank God that shit's gone. The lyrics make me feel a bit ill and it's a monumental dullard.

Now, what needs to move on next...?

'...Making love is a dynamite drug, baby... So why don't we start right away...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Lovers (Live a Little Longer) -


One of my favourite photoshoots.

Average: 6.7935
Highest score: 3 *
10.00 - @haps @tylerc904 @SecretsOfFatima
Lowest score: 1 * 2.00 - @WhatKindOfKylie? (sis...)
My score: 6.00

Next up is Lovers (Live a Little Longer), which we lose at #65. Recorded and written in 1978, it was one of the first songs to be completed for Voulez-Vous during a difficult six months in which the group was struggling to write and record material they were satisfied with. Apparently relationships in the group were suffering as the band members have spoken publicly about tensions rising high during that time period and I can only imagine that heavily influencing their creative process... Luckily the boys found their mojo again after going abroad for some time away and it was eventually released in 1979 as the ninth song on its parent album.

The production is definitely the highlight here with those disco strings, that funky bassline and excellent piano playing by Benny. Frida sounds sexy as hell during the verses and the harmonies during the bridge are brilliant, but then... What the actual FUCK were they thinking with that chorus? It kills off any momentum the bridge sets out to achieve and is incredibly unsexy. Agnetha has a brilliant voice, but this is one of the cases where she actually sounds dare I say bad...

Mumty says what we're all thinking... "So shrill!". Dear God, it is...
kalonite admits to usually loving "shouty vocals, but that chorus is just a bit harsh." and ufint gives it a "Blah. The overbearing chorus is too much.". Damn right. That chorus is one of the worst they've ever recorded... Hudweiser thinks so too... "Amazing verses, messy chorus. Frida sounds so good.".
One Stop Candy Shop suggests "Maybe they should've called this 'Lovers (Sing A Little Shriller)'." and even Filippa admits to "not liking Agnetha's vocals on this song…". Tell 'em, sistren.

tylerc904, however, loves this! "I don’t expect it to perform too well in this rate, but I love those Frida verses, all low and sultry, contrasting that enormous and high chorus.". I'll give you that high chorus, but enormous? It's a huge letdown, yes...
Giving a little nod to our queen's first verse is SecretsOfFatima who calls it an "Anthem of the queen of reporting sex studies from the paper.". Well, if you have to give it a compliment, I'll let you do you...

Voulez-Vous is an absolutely fantastic disco album and this one suffered in this rate, because it was surrounded by real classics and fantastic deep cuts...
P'nutbutter simply states "Very good, but not up with the rest." and WhatKindOfKylie? is our lowest scorer AGAIN, thinking "this has to be the most forgettable song from the whole almost brilliant Voulez-Vouz album. Even the dreary I Have A Dream is more more memorable than this! Another soft rock cut, which wasn't their strongest suit personally. Give me those Euro Disco bops anyday! ". Sis, this is in no way worse than I Have a Dream theaux, but that one's memorable alright...
bichard gets it right when he says "I Have A Dream aside, this is the only real dud on the album. You can actually tell this was written before B&B decided to fuck off abroad, find inspiration and write an interesting album. Not great...". Amen.
"Probably my least favourite on Voulez-Vous which just shows how good an album it is. Just not much of a chorus to this one really-not unpleasant to listen to but not up to the usual standard..."... CasperFan, sis, that chorus is one of the most unpleasant things the group ever released. Dreadful.

I find myself agreeing with Mikey1701 again... "The would-be ABBA sex jam! It’s not as memorable as some of the other tracks that can be found on Voulez-Vous- it lacks a killer hook.. The vocals border on the shrill side at times, which kind of kills any kind of sexiness to it. It’s not something I often return to. This could have been a serviceable b-side, but it just doesn’t feel strong enough to be included on an already stellar album.". I'm extremely happy to be on the same page again, presh.

Some of you loved it for the same reasons a lot of us don't...
constantino admits "There’s something almost menacing about how bold and aggressive the vocals are here, which I am absolutely here for.", whereas idratherjack is being honest too when saying "There’s something almost menacing about how bold and aggressive the vocals are here, which I am absolutely here for.".


I... truly don't get it...

At first I didn't get what Mina said either, but after listening to Lovers (Live a Little Longer) on repeat while doing this write-up I can't unhear it... "Brought to you by the Ariana Grande School of Unenunciation.".

Poor ol' Sprockrooster calls this "A sonical sister to Eagle, but a tad weaker one.". A tad???
Meanwhile, TrueBeliever's mind wanders, when he's reminded of something totally different when listening to this... He calls it an "Exuberant throwback to Jesus Christ Superstar. I can just picture Yvonne Elliman performing this.".
I can only imagine the girl's reaction...

The song was premiered on their 1979 Swiss TV special.
I absolutely adore the Voulez-Vous album, but this was just a bit too meh compared to all the over classics on it. I have given some high scores guys, and lots of 10's, honest!
I pair this with Lovelight as songs that evidently caused them problems during this period. Both have equal amazing and awful parts in them.

Lovelight works a little better though.

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Oh poor Frida!
I am really sorry that Andante, Andante is out! How can anyone not like this song?

P.S. Changed "how can you not ..." into "how can anyone not .."
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Amazing tune, this and Andante should not be out over other Frida songs like I Wonder and I Let The Music Speak.

Meanwhile, I'm working my way through the Complete Recordings book. Benny and Bjorn not only drag King Kong Song and Watch Out, both of which I love, they hate Hey Hey Helen! Also, shoutout to Bjorn saying his whimpy vocals kind of ruin Crazy World but they still should have put it on the ABBA album over Man in the Middle. Damn right you should have! Benny sounds pressed that I've Been Waiting for You never became a classic, saying it deserved a much better fate. Frida stans Agnetha's vocal on it. So many little factoids in this book!

I had never heard of the abandoned 90's remix project, where Benny says they would have revisited I've Been Waiting.
Ooh is that the Carl Magnus Palm one? From where did you get it?

Directly from his site, I believe. Pricey as hell but really, really thorough. Starts off really dull (as it covers their pre-ABBA work, as well as the Swedish solo work from the ladies), but I'm at the ABBA years now. It's so interesting because Bjorn says "I'm not sure why I kept singing more than one track per album on it, since we decided post-Waterloo that it should be about the girls. Maybe for variety?" But the author is right, Rock Me sounds great with Bjorn on lead, and while the "Baby" demo/version is nice enough, it is better off as Rock Me. It's sad that Ricky Rock N Roller sounds finished but remains unearthed. Apparently B & B fought hard to keep Here Comes Rubie Jamie (which was finalized as Terra de Fuego) off the ABBA Undeleted Medley, but agreed only if it reverted to it's working title. Why?!
Still no losses to report. We've only eliminated one song I rated an 8 or higher ("Crazy World").

I still have 3s, 4,s and 5s remaining.
Apparently B & B fought hard to keep Here Comes Rubie Jamie (which was finalized as Terra de Fuego) off the ABBA Undeleted Medley, but agreed only if it reverted to it's working title. Why?!

Yeah I read they hated it but it didn't say why. The part we hear is only a verse, so maybe it's the chorus that sucks?