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Christ. Diddle is brilliant. I even love the hilarious lyrics. There are still so many poorer songs left, but only the top echelons of music fans can appreciate the likes of Nina and Diddle, so I take comfort and clutch my rosary, praying for the soul of TFTPOO.

At least @DJHazey is on the same page. Everyone else can go boil their heads.
Just catching up on this again! I'm really enjoying the rate so far, @Remorque - I really enjoy how you put together the voter comments with your own spin on things, and the pace is good. My only suggestion would be to bold and enlarge the title of the eliminated song - I know you're already highlighting lyrics at the top of each elimination post, but to be honest, I don't really remember lyrics from all the songs in the rate!
I'm extremely sorry for the lack of cuts these last days, but I'm on a deadline for re-doing one of my houses...

Your feedback is muchly appreciated, thanks, guys!

And @DJHazey I'm sorry for not posting back then, but I think you noticed I was quite absent for a few months, only chipping in to run my own rate... I'm enjoying being back and don't worry. I will come thruu, sis.
I met my deadline...

Next cut is coming, gurls!

'...This has been my longest day... Sitting here close to you...
Knowing that maybe tonight we're through...'

- Agnetha Fätlskog in My Love, My Life-


Drinking is something they should've done a bit more...

Average: 6.8913
Highest score: 2 *
10.00 - @kalonite @Angeleyes
Lowest score: 2 * 3.00 - @bichard @VivaForever
My score: 7.50

Agnetha's the one losing a lead at #62, in the form of Arrival album track My Love, My Life. One of the last songs to be recorded for the album in 1976, it was released that same year as its third track. Apparently it's one of Björn's favourites from the album as he's said numerous times that the song is one of the finest examples of Aggie's vocal purity.

I have to agree with him this one time, as Agnetha gives us a wonderfully delicate performance, with Frida serving gracious and subtle backing vocals and even Björn getting a word in with an ad-lib or two... The strings are definitely the highlight as they create quite a wall of sound, which, paired with the vocals, creates a lovely soundscape.
Having said that, it can sound quite 'busy' near the end and that's what kept me from giving out a higher score...

Mumty gets it right, imagining the following scenario:

"Benny: 'Ok we’ve thrown the kitchen sink at this one. I think it’s enough.'
Bjorn: 'No, let’s add more angelic backing vocals.'"
And that's exactly what they did.

constantino asks "This is pretty, huh? Almost Kate Bush-like. Oh and the crescendo towards the end is GLORIOUS.". Well, VivaForever seems to disagree with you here, thinking "This is quite screechy isn't it?"...

Mikey1701 admits "Agnetha’s vocals on this get me everytime. Bjorn has said on a number of occasions that the track is the best representation of her beautiful voice and its clarity and I am in complete agreement. It would have been a 9 if not for the moments that Agnetha almost gets drowned out by the backing vocals.". And that's where my problem lies with this song too... Especially through headphones.
Poor ol' Sprockrooster worships at the altar of our blonde queen, praising "Lift me higher queen! Agnetha is serving angelic vocals.", while Filippa goes all fan-girly again with "Agnetha rules this song. I love it!".

The drama of it all was a bit much for some of you...
P'nutbutter thought it was "way too much emotion post Valentines..." and Hudweiser states the obvious with "More of Agnetha's broken heart. These kind of songs were boring to me as a kid, but their delicate production touches have shone through in time. Oddly, walking-sedative Jamie Cullum did a really interesting version of this at that ABBA in the Park thingy a few years back.".
Here's a very low quality phone recording of said performance, but I'll let you be the judge of the 'interesting' angle, mmkay?

Our lone 10-giver with something to say is kalonite, who gets *the feels* when "That chorus just hits you. This is probably my favourite track that was missed off the Gold/More Gold collections. I get why – they were more focused on the upbeat, party side of Abba's discography, but this is a gem.". 't Is, sis.
tylerc904, meanwhile, focuses more on the lyrical side of the song, telling us "“What is it a dream alive?” is such a nice lyric. As usual there are a handful of hooks beautifully woven into a 3-4 minute song, with Agnetha sounding lush.".

Not all of us were very impressed with this song though...
WhatKindOfKylie?'s not the lowest scorer for us and thinks it's "A nice cute little track, but it is far from up there with their greatest, especially compared to the 3 all empowering singles we had lifted from Arrival.".
TrueBeliever thinks it's a "Sleepy ballad with some truly brilliant vocal moments, although few and far between." and CasperFan finds himself in the same camp... "Quite a pretty song-nice vocal, a little plodding for my tastes but not bad.".

I already told y'all I thought they created quite a lovely wall of sound with that production and those layered vocals, but Mina is reminded of something quite the opposite... "Pleasant; reminds me of Like an Angel Passing Through My Room.". Bish, where?

Others were reminded of an Agnetha lead that leans a lot closer to this one...
SecretsOfFatima thinks My Love, My Life is "The better, properly good version of I’ve Been Waiting For You." but bichard's disagreeing with ha, first stating "Two albums, two AgnethaBallads.", but then saying "This one's not quite as good as I've Been Waiting For You, but really, who cares about the difference between a 3 and a 4?"...


He gave this a 3.
See what he did there?

Lastly, with tonight's festivities in mind, I'll end with ufint who says it's "Serviceable and nice enough and would probably get a top 10 in a Eurovision semi final even today.".
We'll see if Robin Bengtsson can write history tonight, just as our foursome did 43 years ago...

Though it was never even considered to get a single release at the time, Agnetha did film a nice little solo video for it in 1976...

...and that same year the group lip-synched it for their Polish TV special.
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