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It's pretty much all 6s there. I only have one 4/10 left and I made that bold. Nothing left is considered a bad song in my eyes.

Lucky you. I still have a zero left.

(As Good As New is a ten).

It's time to kick Hole In Your Sole's hole. Do it @Remorque.

Hole In Your Soul? More like shut that hole in your face!!!!

Two For The Price Of One is massively overstaying its welcome.

63. - a tie

'...My friends will get married, have children and homes... It sounds so nice, well-planned and wise... Never expecting surprises...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in I Wonder (Departure) -


Frida's red hair is kind of iconic though?

Average: 6.8152
Highest score: 4 *
10.00 - @Ed72 @Sprockrooster @Mikey1701 @WhipperSnapper
Lowest score: 2 * 1.00 - @dancingwithmyself @WhatKindOfKylie? (..................................)
My score: 7.50

The Album loses its first song at #63 (tied with Dum Dum Diddle) in the form of I Wonder (Departure). It's one of their more theatrical songs for sure and the reason for that is that it was actually designed to be part of their mini-musical The Girl with the Golden Hair. It was performed as the closing act to their 1977 world tour and I Wonder (Departure) served as the second song in said mini-musical. It tells the tale of a small-town girl leaving her hometown to find stardom in a bigger city and it's Frida who takes the lead on this one, portraying said girl who ponders if going away is the right decision to take...

Recorded in 1977 and released that same year as the eighth song on their fifth album, it was never released as a single on its own. A live recording of the song, however, was released as the b-side to The Name of the Game.

Frida gives it her all and demonstrates what a wonderful theatrical singer she is, sounding hesitant on some parts, but defiant on others and back again... This song is actually one of the first fine examples of theatricality from Frida in their discography, but she'd well explore it further on their later albums.

A lot of you dwelled on the fact that Frida makes this song what it is too...
SecretsOfFatima calls it "A cute gem in their discography. Frida’s delivery only enhances it.". I can't actually imagine anyone else singing this like Anni-Frid does.
CasperFan finds it a "Lovely song- amazing vocal which completely draws you in.". It does, doesn't it? Meanwhile, Hudweiser admits it's "Another I used to fast forward as a kid as it was long and slow, but I appreciate Frida's massive delivery now. You can really hear their stage-hunger coming through.". I think this was actually the moment in their career where Benny and Björn realized they were capable of much more than writing catchy songs.

Our lowest scorer is WhatKindOfKylie? again... "Way too Andrew Lloyd Webber musical theatre for my liking, which I get was perhaps the whole point. But even still, I'd rather pass on this one.". See, I get your point, but where in the world does this warrant only one point though?

Anyway, he wasn't the only one in thinking it was a bit too musical, but at least they were fans...
GhettoPrincess calls it "a kooky musical number" but admits "I’m living for it.". P'nutbutter thinks it's "Soooo musical theatre, but I love it I don't care.", ufint shouts "C’mon Chess! It would fit perfectly in a musical." (technically it's part of one though...) and constantino is surprised... "Oh how musical theatre/Disney of them...I’m not even mad about it.". Neither am I, sis!

Some of you found this to be a bit of a chore to get through...
Mina doesn't hold back oh at all and states "I found myself very bored listening to this.". While Filippa thinks "Good vocals from Frida", she still finds it "all in all a little boring"... Mumty thinks so too... "Frida does a great vocal here but it’s never been a favourite.".
TrueBeliever claims the same and says it's an "Excellent vocal by Frida on a nice, pleasant sounding song. However, it’s just plain boring. As she sings, “It’s ghastly” (kind of).". Sis, it's 'It scares me..." though?

idratherjack and bichard are disagreeing again... While the former thinks it's a "Lovely little song.", the latter lays it down for all of us... "Look, The Album was clearly a cut-n-shut operation. Slinging together any old crap to make up an album. Of the three "musical" songs this is at least quite pleasant, but it's still a bit of a bore.". While I do agree on the album being a bit rushed, it does have some stone cold fucking classic songs on it.

For one of our 10-givers Mikey1701, the song clearly has a bit more of a personal feel... "I actually listened to this quite a lot last year when I was trying to decide whether to stay in my home town or make a break for freedom and start afresh in Nottingham, and just like Queen Frida I took the plunge. As a result, this song is quite personal and relatable to me. There are times when I think Frida is the “forgotten girl” given that everyone fell in love with Agnetha, but it’s vocal performances that really enforce that Frida was every inch the superstar that Agnetha was.".
Maybe that was what the general public thought, yes, but I'm glad we all know what to appreciate both girls for. Both absolute superstars.

Poor ol' Sprockrooster did a little digging on his own... "I am reading it is thematically based on Belle from Beauty and the Beast, so that has me hooked instantly and bumps it from a 9 to a 10 as I love it know more. Stylistically it is also similar to Belle's opening song and a wish to explore the world. Beautiful.".
It's not thematically based on Beauty and the Beast, but the sound of the song is comparable to that of Belle wanting to get out of the small town she lived in, to broaden her horizon and find newer things... But you're absolutely right in thinking it's beautiful.

kalonite says something I actually had to Google... "This sounds like a nougties JRPG big vocal song and I love noughties JRPGs.".




We'll end with chris4862 who let's us know it's "Another song that has been giving me life this week.".
Get your life, gurl.

As previously mentioned, the b-side to The Name of the Game was a live version, recorded during their 1977 world tour.
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I made a mistake, guys... I actually thought I Wonder (Departure) had a 10 more, but after further inspection, it actually only received a 6 from @Mumty, so I owe you all an apology.

My Love, My Life now sits at #62, while Dum Dum Diddle is tied with I Wonder (Departure) at #63.

I tried my best to edit all the posts that came before, so I hope everything's still clear for everyone...
I made a mistake, guys... I actually thought I Wonder (Departure) had a 10 more, but after further inspection, it actually only received a 6 from @Mumty, so I owe you all an apology.

My Love, My Life now sits at #62, while Dum Dum Diddle is tied with I Wonder (Departure) at #63.

I tried my best to edit all the posts that came before, so I hope everything's still clear for everyone...

I'm all good with My Love My Life getting a (slight) bump! I am also aware that my commentary for I Wonder (Departure) is...somewhat niche, but it really does.

Don't worry about the numbering mix-up - keeping track of so many songs must be a nightmare!
Despite Frida, I never gave much thought to I Wonder before the rate, but I really did get my life. Those velvety vocals could make any turd iconique.