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60. - a tie

'...Every smile and every little touch... Don't you know that they mean so much... Sweet sweet kisses so tender always will return to sender...'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Bang-A-Boomerang -


"Hit album"..............

Average: 6.9130
Highest score: 3 *
10.00 - @Gotnomoretosay @tylerc904 @Angeleyes
Lowest score: 1 * 1.00 - @AGiantSheep
My score: 6.00

We have a tie at #60 and the first to fall is Bang-A-Boomerang. Written by Benny, Björn and their manager Stig Anderson, it was first recorded as a demo in 1974 and was then given to ex-Hepstars singer Svenne and his wife Lotta. (More on that below!) The duo had a hit on their hands and without them knowing ABBA re-recorded the song in English in 1975, using almost the exact same backing track as the Svenne & Lotta version and without them knowing, released it as the sixth song on their self-titled album that same year.

The song was released as a single in France and Madagascar during the week the album was released, but it didn't exactly set the charts alight over there... It was serviced to the rest of the world as the b-side to Mamma Mia or I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, depending on where you lived...
In 1976 it was released as a single in South Africa, but the less said about their release schedule over there, the better.

Personally, I think it's great. The production is fun and the girls sound as if they're having fun. Though having said that, to these ears it can sound a bit noisy at times and the girls sometimes sound a bit... 'much'.

Anyway, over to our esteemed panel of judges, eh.

I'm going to agree with Mina this time, stating it's "A fun romp.". And that's exactly what it is.

You wouldn't tell it from the position it's leaving at, but y'all fucking LOVED this one...

GhettoPrincess asks us "How can you not enjoy a song that features those lyrics in the chorus. Very fun.", while P'nutbutter was told it was "another way of saying "shag an Australian"?!". I don't know, sis, but VivaForever can inform you that "This song makes no fucking sense at all. Nonetheless, a bop.".

TrueBeliever admits that "I have always loved this song since I was a young kid. A carefree and poetic tune that epitomizes what ABBA means to me.". 'Poetic' isn't exactly what CasperFan thinks of them though... "Crap lyrics aside , this is a corker, nice bridge leading to a catchy-as-hell non-sensical chorus.".

Also disagreeing are tylerc904 and Mikey1701. While the former tells us he loves this "from start to finish, I even really love the basic-ass metaphor.", the latter thinks "The metaphor of ‘boomerangs as love’ is clunky as fuck, the song itself is a hell of a racket and it’s unrelentingly basic, but I can’t help but love it regardless. Possibly because it was written by B&B for another group to sing and the production is exactly the same as the Svenne & Lotta version, it doesn’t feel like a true ABBA track- but it’s still good fun nonetheless.".

bichard guesses he's "probably biased with this one, but it reminds me of a childish, carefree time listening to ABBA's greatest hits on the weekends at my dad's (just as watching Fleetwood Mac's Tango In The Night Tour on VHS does). But isn't it totally joyous? Yes. So fuck it. A 9 it is!".
And while we're speaking of something as prehistoric as a VHS, here's Hudweiser talking about something called a cassette, for God's sakes. "Back in the 80s I had the ABBA album on cassette and, for reasons never really sussed out, this song was cut in two, with Part I fading out after about 90 seconds, fading back in to Part II when you turned the tape over!? Awesome NRG on show here, chipmunky vocals and happy silly lyrics. It's easy to see their growth patterns when you consider S.O.S. is on this album alongside this Eurovis-flashback. A genuinely gleeful favourite regardless.".
Even these carefree bops bringing out the personal stories in us!

Only a few of the naysayers actually had something to say... There's Filippa, who tells us it's "Not my song, I don’t know why but still catchy." and poor ol' Sprocky who thinks it's "Way too repetitive and annoying after already a few plays.".
WhatKindOfKylie? didn't comment, but gave it a 4 and that says it all really...

Weslicious finds out that "Chronologically speaking, this is my favourite ABBA song up to this point. And I'm OK with that realisation." and constantino first didn't realize its brilliance, as "This didn’t click at first but the chorus hook kept coming back to me (kii).". Yes! It took us this long to get to a euphemism, folks!

SecretsOfFatima calls it "Complete cheese. Complete and utter cheese…and I love it. The video only adds to my enjoyment of it. Bizarre bop. Far from a lyrical masterpiece, but a cute throwaway bop.". It is, indeed, a lovely video, which gave us quite a few gif-worthy moments...

Frida's hair theaux.

As mentioned previously, this was first recorded as a demo by our foursome and was subsequently given to Benny's ex-fellow bandmember Svenne, who was trying his hand at the fame game with his wife Lotta. The duo submitted it in the 1975 preselections for Sweden's Eurovision Song Contest and while they didn't win, the song went on to become quite a sizeable hit, reaching no. 2 in their native Sweden and Denmark and charting in several other European territories too. ABBA's release of the song was a little low-key as it never received a single release over there, thus it's still seen as Svenne & Lotta's 'song' in Scandinavia. Both the Swedish and English versions were included on their 1975 album Svenne & Lotta 2/Bang-A-Boomerang.


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Ok I really can bear this loss! But I feel it coming ... this dreading disaster!
I guess I'm guilty of loving cheesy & clunky lyrics. I feel so ashamed. Can't believe Nina and Boomerang are out so early, while the travesty of Two for the Price of One is still in.