The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

Out a bit too soon. I love the bridge. "Aha, the songs you sing are too romantic." It sounds like they are taking a jab at themselves, as if 'Aha' could have been 'ABBA.'

Speaking of track 3 on the parent album, I wonder how long it's gonna hang in there...
How is I'm a Marionette still in? It's got an almost entirely tuneless chorus.

It's driving me crazy. I knew Ring Ring/Waterloo would be mostly trimmed before it. But to see Hole in Your Soul and Move On from the same album leave before it... not to mention bonkers bops like Dum Dum Diddle and Bang A Boomerang.

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There is so much worse left in than Soul. It's utter fucking genius. I assumed it'd be top 40. Le sigh...

Marionette is nowhere near as good as Soul, but doesn't deserve to go just yet.

Track 3 on The Album is One Man One Woman right? Does everyone hate it then? I can't stand it and think it should've gone ages ago. After Move On, it's the worst thing on this rather pants album.

@tylerc904 is right yet again in his last post.

(Well except about shitty-old Move On but I'll let that one go...)
I just don't get the repetitive angle at all...

Really??? It just repeats:

It's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul
There's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul

There's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul
There's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul
There's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul

There's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul
There's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul

There's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul
There's gotta be rock'n roll
To fill the hole in your soul

for like 2 minutes.

'...The girls might fall for everything you've got, but I'm not one of them... You know I'm not... You won't have me tonight...
Alright! Alright! Alright! Alright!...'

- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in So Long -



Average: 7.0217
Highest score: 5 *
10.00 - @TrueBeliever @Animalia @Gotnomoretosay @Sprockrooster @SecretsOfFatima
Lowest score: 1 * 2.00 - @Uno
My score: 8.00

The self-titled loses its closing track at #59, as So Long waves us... well, so long. I'll get my coat. Written and recorded in 1974, it was released as the lead single for their upcoming third album in November that same year... It didn't exactly set the charts alight at the time, only becoming a hit in their native Sweden and Austria, getting quite a few airplay spins and eventually becoming a low-key hit in Germany, but the rest of Europe just weren't here for glam rock ABBA...

The group were still steadily in search of their own sound, as this is quite a departure of what they had released before... One could argue that this is in the same vein as Waterloo, but it does have a few more glam rock-elements to it, the melody isn't as strong as the 1974 Eurovision winner and the girls sound like they haven't taken a breath for 3 minutes, but there's still a strong song underneath... Well, I've always enjoyed it.

Getting it spot on in giving it sept points and saying it's "Serviceable." is Mina...
It's a word used by WhatKindOfKylie? too, who gives this six points... "ABBA all glam rock mode, and whilst it's perfectly serviceable, it feels that something is missing , i.e. that magic found in their other 'glam rock' tune such as Waterloo and Ring Ring."... You're right about the former, but Ring Ring ain't nowhere near glam rock, hun.

While Epic Chocolat thinks it sounds "Like Waterloo" too, he concludes it's "less good." though...
There's no fooling VivaForever either... "Recycle that Waterloo guitar line a bit." she says and although correct, I do think they tried to make something a little different this time. Poor ol' Sprockrooster gives it a blatant read, while getting his life too... "A Waterloo rip off, but that is how you close an album!". YES!
Finally, constantino draws the same comparison, but would rather have liked it on the second album... "I’m living for the symmetry between this and Waterloo, if only this was the closer to said album. It works perfectly as a jaunty closer.".

Mikey1701 gets it right again too... "I suspect that this is going to be a deeply unpopular opinion but I love this and I have ever since hearing it on More ABBA Gold for the first time. It’s a glam rock song that still manages to be 100% ABBA. A defiant “fuck you!” to a girl’s fuckboy, the spiky vocal delivery thrills every time, as do the bitchy lyrics. I can kind of understand why this bombed at the time because the world clearly was not ready for ABBA glam rock. Nevertheless, this pops AWF.". I just love how manic and passive-aggressive this is... It definitely wasn't my favourite song on the More Gold compilation, as it stood out like a sore fucking thumb, but listening to it in isolation, I fucking love it... Weird, innit.

One of our 10 givers, SecretsOfFatima, thinks it's "One of their weirdest songs, yet I love it. ^takes cover from shouts of bad taste^" and while I'm normally one of the persons to shout first, you actually have some comrades this time...
TrueBeliever gives the same amount of points and says it's "Their first rock-out song that’s so much fun to listen to and truly works. So much better than their faux-rock songs Rock’n Roll Band, Watch Out, and Rock Me.". Well, figuring we've lost those three a while ago, we're all inclined to agree...
CasperFan is in agreement too, in thinking it's "Their finest rock song- a bit Quo in the intro but a passionate vocal and rattles along and very catchy."...

Giving us a part of the Hudweiser memoirs again is the man himself...
"Like Rock Me, I was never sure who sang this as a kid. No idea whose bright idea it was to pick it as the lead single, maybe it was all there was ready to go? Even so, it works in its own demented way, though I'd love a full version with the interpolated In the Mood part in it as seen in The Movie. The girls always did a really awesome little jig in their performances of it as well.".
Though they do sound a bit mannish during Frida's toppy parts, it's very much a full harmony the whole song through.

bichard calls it "A Destiny's Child song for the 70s. This fucker fucks butt, and in any other rate would probably be a 9. The trumpet in the outro remains brilliant. Sorely underrated." and it only makes me think how much Beyoncé, Kelendria and Tenitra WISH they would have made anything as aggressive as this...

Filippa says it's "a happy-go-lucky song. Makes you sing and dance along..." which at first I wouldn't have agreed with, were it not that she probably meant the same thing tylerc904 gives us... "High energy, fun, fabulous as a closer." and I agree wholeheartedly.

The song was performed at Top of the Pops in 1974, with the girls sporting some incredible glam-rock fashion...

As there never was an official video to the song, I always use this one. It was shot for their 1975 Swedish TV special
Made in Sweden for Export and it features the iconic cat dresses, with a rather hot and energetic performance from Frida...

It was also performed during their 1976 Australian TV special at the start of their imperial phase.

And it was on the setlist for their 1977 world tour, interpolated with an instrumental of
In the Mood. Here's the clip they used of it in ABBA: The Movie...