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I have apologized in advance for the slow pace, but I'm working a shitload of hours at work and I'm trying to uptain my social life / lovelife, so again... My apologies for the extremely slow pace.

I hope you don't think I was trying to take a jab at you! I love the rate, and it was a question out of genuine curiosity, not a means to complain.
I hope you don't think I was trying to take a jab at you! I love the rate, and it was a question out of genuine curiosity, not a means to complain.
I completely understand though and in turn, it wasn't me calling you out or anything. I will finish this, people. It'll just take some patience.m4a.

The next one's coming up! And I know some of you will be fucking devastated.

'...Buy me a ticket, I'll go to the Bahamas... I need a rest from our petty little dramas... Yes, I really do...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in You Owe Me One -


I just had to give you 'the dress'.

Average: 7.2283
Highest score: 7 *
10.00 - @Weslicious @idratherjack @VivaForever @DJHazey @Mikey1701 @CasperFan @P'NutButter
Lowest score: 2 * 3.00 - @funkyg @dancingwithmyself
My score: 9.00

Recorded in 1983 for the release of what would have been their ninth album, You Owe Me One was released as the b-side to their last single Under Attack that same year. That single was released to promote the release of their 1983 greatest hits package, called The Singles: The First Ten Years, but in 1997 and 2012 it was included on the remastered version of The Visitors. Benny and Björn hate this song so much that they actually excluded it from the 2001 re-issues of their albums, stating it was "only a jingle"...

I fucking love this song, but I actually do think it's its time to go in our countdown... A great way of opening our top 50, n'est-ce pas?

Frida's deadpan delivery, Agnetha's bonkers ad-libs and backing vocals, the crazy production,... Although this is one of the simpler songs of that later period, it all makes for a very interesting listen actually. Paired with what they had already recorded for their ninth album (I Am the City and Just Like That), I actually think it would have been a fun set of songs after the gloompop that was The Visitors...

In a previous post I stated some of you would be devastated by this loss... Here we go.

Victim #1: Mikey1701... "By the time 1982 rolled around you would be forgiven for thinking that Queen Frida was merely a backing singer as Agnetha seemingly took the lead vocals (probably because Frida was working on her debut English album) so having her majesty on lead vocals for this is lovely. It is one of the strangest tracks that the group ever recorded: when you look at the lyrics, they are quite depressing: a woman wants to get away from her failing relationship. But you would never know when they are put together with the production which is so bouncy that it verges on euphoric. I’m never quite sure what to make of it but I can’t deny that I get all the life I ever need.". Bless your heart.

Victim #2: idratherjack... "Had never heard this prior to the rate and it's brilliant! Yet another example of their amazing 1982 songs. How I wish they had held it together just a few more months and released their 1982 opus, but it's always good to leave you wanting more...". And here we are, a mere 35 years later, still discussing it.

Victim #3: CasperFan... "How was this gem only a b-side- again I love the effected vocals, and the chorus just gets into your brain- one of my all time ABBA favourites.". I agree... Once it gets itself lodged into your head, it can stay there for days. The truest of earworms.

Victim #4: VivaForever... "The 'uh-huh, mm-hmm' bit is AMAZING. Honestly a crime against humanity this was only a B-side. It's so bitchy and what other ABBA songs are bitchy? None of them. None of them. Fuckin' amazing.". And that's the Tea.

Victim #5: P'nutbutter... "Yesssss, I've been singing this song's praises for years. Robyn should cover it!!". I'm inclined to agree as our Robyn is the queen of making this kind of songs come to life.

To all of the above:

...courtesy of the people who tanked this one.

kalonite says it's "Messy as heck. And not the good kind.", while Filippa thinks it's "Funny but not a good song.". Both of these were the only scorers below a 6 who had something to say, so kudos to them, I say.

Mina is surprised it "doesn't sound that dated...but otherwise bland.", with 'bland' being a word poor ol' Sprockrooster came up with too as he's "Here for those 'Ah Ah's. Simple but effective. Same goes for the jingle. Too bad it is put on such a bland track." and for WhatKindOfKylie? it "May be a grower over time. I liked most of it, but it didn't really hit me as instantly as some of the other songs from this era.".
To Hudweiser it's "A cute attempt to sound happy during a bleak period - is it me or is Frida trying a Jamaican accent?". I don't think our queen was fluent in Bahamian Creole more than it was her Swedish accent taking over again...

constantino's not impressed in the slightest... "Yas you better call in those favours! Ok but in all seriousness this is...not good.". Mumty on the other hand goes one further and calls it "A poor man’s Happy Hawaii. This song was the source of an iconic fight on the old ABBA forum, where members were baying for blood because they thought it was a joint vocal, whereas others were sure it was a Frida only vocal. Simpler times.". I, personally, think this is undoubtedly more fun than the dreary Happy Hawaii, but do you...

tylerc904 thinks it was "A bit retro for them at this point, but I really like it. Really makes me yearn to hear what would have been Opus 9.", while ufint calls it "Staccato, fun, care-free pop.", but for him "It's not really memcorable, though.".

To bichard it sounds "Indisputably ridiculous, that doesn't take away from how joyous and fun this sounds (despite the lyrics). It was probably right to shunt this onto a b-side, but I like it better than the two singles from the era." and for SecretsOfFatima it's the "Pre-chorus that makes this song for me. It manages to redeem the song from some of the more grating elements.". Grating elements? Bish, where?
TrueBeliever was reminded of other artists while listening to this... "The beginning reminds me a bit of Herbie Hancock or the Buggles. Chorus is catchy as hell!".

Listen for yourselves.

@Remorque, I was under the impression that The Day Before You Came was the last song recorded by ABBA in '82, or is that some kind of urban legend?

The story goes that Agnetha walked in to the studio, lights lit low, delivered her lyrics and then walked out, with everybody realising it was the end.