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They all look so pretty, even if the color for Eyes of a Woman are a bit random. (Something's Going On has no purple in it either, but it compliments the light pink so well). I want them all.
@Remorque, I was under the impression that The Day Before You Came was the last song recorded by ABBA in '82, or is that some kind of urban legend?

The story goes that Agnetha walked in to the studio, lights lit low, delivered her lyrics and then walked out, with everybody realising it was the end.
It may be the last song they ever recorded, but it wasn't their last single though...

Next one's coming up!

'...The city is a nightmare, a horrible dream... Some of us will dream it forever... Look around the corner and try not to scream... It's me!'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Tiger -


Frida serving there.

Average: 7.3065
Highest score: 5 *
10.00 - @haps @Mumty @VivaForever @P'NutButter @SecretsOfFatima
Lowest score: 1 * 3.00 - @Filippa
My score: 9.00

Recorded as one of the last songs for their fourth album Arrival, Tiger is the song we're losing at #49. The song was eventually released in 1976 as the ninth song on said album and in Argentina it was the b-side to the single release of Dum Dum Diddle, while Japan got it as the b-side to Dancing Queen. Other than that, it was also the opening song of the setlist to their 1977 world tour.

Personally, I think it's quite the moodpiece and it makes you feel exactly how it wants you to feel. Quite claustrophobic, but there's still a sense of the grandeur you can feel of walking or driving through a big city. Both of our girls give us quite a fantastic perfomance as in the verses their harmonies are fucking tight and then 2:44 comes on... LET RIP, GIRLS!! (Lemme quickly admit that I gave it a point more for that moment alone.)

P'nutbutter yells "Yes!!!!!", which I can only applaud, because the good sis lost a lot of 10's these last few cuts...

I wasn't the only getting his entire life at that last note, because poor ol' Sprockrooster felt it too... "Loving the enunaciation of 'Tiger' in this. It makes it pretty catchy. And YAAAAS at that outro adlib.". Sis, you'd absolutely LOVE hearing me try to do it in my car...
Meanwhile, WhatKindOfKylie? loves "that yell at the very end though", yet he gives Aggie quite the backhanded compliment in "Agnetha goes all feisty on us now, or at least tries to do so." and then calls it "A 50/50 effort."... Make of all this what you want.

At a certain point this was considered to be released as a single, but the group decided to go with Money, Money, Money instead... bichard is quite relieved they went with the latter and says "Thank fuck this wasn't a single. It's all a bit straightforward, and not in a good way. It just sounds...basic.".
Filippa doesn't "really like the song, don’t know why...", while TrueBeliever admits to having "a love/hate relationship with this song. Agnetha is much too screechy on this, but at the same time I admire her attempt to blow me away.".

Mikey1701 is suffering from memory loss... "I always forget about this perhaps because while it’s a solid and engaging track, it’s dwarfed by the other songs that can be found on the parent album (Why Did It Have To Be Me? excluded) and as such, it struggles to come out of their shadows. I can imagine that this would have popped OFF live.". I imagine it did, sis.

Loving the little bridge is SecretsOfFatima... "The “yellow eyes…” bits always wreck and incinerate my weave. A pity that it wasn’t a single, but at least we got a cute video." and VivaForever hates the fact that "Dairy Queen was a single and this wasn't. Especially when the former was their biggest hit and it just was not nearly as good as this, let alone Knowing Me or Money.".
I imagine both of them being salty because of this cut, as both gave it dix points.

While constantino thinks "There’s a child-like quality to the imagery and delivery here, and I’m here for it. A really cute song.", it's "too repetitive." for ufint, as he thinks "The instrumental is slightly creepy and the vocals slightly annoying.". I actually think the harmonies are quite tight on this one, but do you...

Mina calls it "Experimental but in a good way. Their animal-named songs are actually quite good." and for CasperFan it's "Another great song on a great album-love the drumming on the verses, nice middle 8 , killer chorus and the scream of "Tiger, tiger" at the end is heaven! Single-worthy.". 't Is.

Hudweiser is reminded of the fact that "Apparently this was a runner for a single to follow Dancing Queen, which I can't see myself, but there is that cool video on YouTube with them driving around the city like some spangly gang, headbands n' all. The "yellow eyes are glowing like the neon lights" breaks are heavenly, the piano tinkers so hauntingly, the beginning of their theatrical fascination.".
Yes, a video was shot for this song, during the height of ABBA-mania, for their Australian TV special ABBA-dabba-doo!!. Just look at how fucking badass the girls look!

As I said before, it was the opening song on their 1977 world tour and here's the clip of them performing it in Sydney as seen in ABBA: The Movie.

In 1978 it was performed as part of their TV special ABBA in Japan.

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I like that this one is gone! But as I said I really don't know why I don't like it. Because I have to admit it is a good ABBA-Song. Maybe it's about Agnetha's vocals - when Agnetha sings very high she sometimes sounds shrill to me. And it's sure about the lyrics: Frida & Agnetha are following me through the city as tigers? For me this is too much like stalking.

So now please Lovelight or maybe Ring, Ring?
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Looking at what's left, I don't really want to say goodbye to anything. The King Has Lost His Crown and Does Your Mother Know would be my next choices to go.
Happy New Year, The Piper*, Soldiers*, Me and I* will probably go soon.

And maybe/hopefully If it Wasn't for the Nights

*I really love these though