The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

If we had an ABBA video rate, Head Over Heels would storm to victory in all it's horrid, criminal fashion glory.
How can it not with such scenes of glouriousness as these?
I had a dream (pun unintended) that HRH Frida was a guest judge on Drag Race and was living for my Head Over Heels gold tinfoil couture.

"Geniveve Westwood, in the ABBA challenge you were a Dacing Queen and on the runway you made we knew that Something's Go On! Shine on my dear! Condragulations you are the winner of these week's challenge! You've won a 5 year subscription to Squarespace!"

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I'm Team Frida and I don't like the song "Head Over Heels" much nowadays (I did when I was younger). I love the video, though! The exhausted look Björn gave!

To me Agnetha looks quite right (which means perfectly beautiful) and I especialy like her smile very much (proves that she does not take this too seriously)!

But I agree that Frida is unbelievably funny on this one!
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'...Oh, I've been dreaming through my lonely past... Now I just made it, I found you at last... So come on, now let's try it, I love you, can't deny it... 'Cos it's true...I do, I do, I do, I do, I do...'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do -


Björn and Benny playing second fiddle there...

Average: 7.3261
Highest score: 7 *
10.00 - @TrueBeliever @idratherjack @tylerc904 @WhatKindOfKylie? @cityofdoomsday @Mikey1701 @Angeleyes
Lowest score: 1 * 2.00 - @AGiantSheep
My score: 5.50

Written and recorded in 1975 by Benny, Björn and their manager Stig Anderson, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do was released that same year as the second singles off of the self-titled album. It was the follow-up to So Long, which had flopped basically everywhere except for their home country of Sweden and Austria...
It was quite a departure in sound, as this is as schlager as schlager gets, which was in stark contrast to the glam rock sound of their previous single...
But we were dealing with a band that were having a hard time finding their feet on solid ground and staying in the limelight, trying not to be seen as a one-hit-wonder or has-beens...

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do remedied just that, becoming a hit almost everywhere. It reached the top of the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and South Africa and became a top 3 hit in Belgium, Norway and The Netherlands, among others... It even reached the top 15 of the Bilboard Hot 100 when it was released as a single in the United States and Canada in 1976.
The only nation that didn't embrace it, was... the United Kingdom. It reached a measely no. 38 in the singles chart, leaving everybody in their team to scratch their heads as to why the group wasn't catching on over there. But don't fret... Things were soon going to pick up with their next UK release.

I definitely underscored it, that's for sure... It's been on loop for a whole fucking hour and I'm loving it more and more with every listen. But when compared to some of their other classics, it just doesn't hold up that well. It's a bit slow and a bit loud and a bit saxophone-y and well... just a bit messy, really.

But what did our esteemed panel of judges have to say about this one?

Mina's in my camp, thinking it's "Enjoyable but not particularly memorable.". You said it better than me, babe. For SecretsOfFatima "This can be hit or miss for me, I either love it or hate it. The excessively long title, which can’t be made into a handy acronym (well IDIDIDIDID but…) only makes me more uncertain about it.". These actually are things I've thought about the song too...

VivaForever states it's "the crap songs of the first two albums done right. Nonetheless, it's still rather annoying. Definitely has the Waterloo album 'cutesy' stamp on it.", while constantino isn't quite so sure and guesses "I still don’t know what I make of this to
be honest.".

All of the above gave it a 6, by the way, which is only half a point more than I gave it, so maybe I didn't really underscore it in the end...

A lot of our 10 givers gave it the full set of points, because it's one of their most recognizable songs...
Mikey1701 calls it "A real oddity in their discography if only because it doesn’t sound like anything else they recorded, yet it is undeniably quintessential ABBA. I love that this is one of their most famous and recognisable tracks despite it bombing in the UK (get that #38 smash) which for me makes it an underdog track, which I can always can get behind.".
Despite it flopping in the UK at the time, WhatKindOfKylie? thinks "it's fair to say that this is one of their most recongisable and played songs in the UK all the very same. Must have been played so many times at weddings which is partly wise. Solid throwback to more simpler music and times.".

Speaking of weddings... tylerc904 remembers "first hearing this in Muriel’s Wedding and being like “AMAZING. Who knew ABBA had other songs than the 19 on Gold?!”", while TrueBeliever thinks it's a "Brilliant song that gives me (and Muriel’s Wedding) life. The only drawback? Typing out the name of the song.".
Well, idratherjack can't get enough I Do's in his life... "I love I Do x 100, would be perfect for a gay wedding.", which Hudweiser actually attended... "This was played at a gay wedding I went to, but the aisle was so short both grooms had walked it before the intro was even over. It's schmaltzy but likeable regardless, one of their classics despite not being *that* great.".

bichard questions the tastes of the men down under... "I usually think that Australians have amazing taste in music, but this is one of the few instances where our tastes part company. It's perfectly serviceable, but the whole Phil Spector wall of sound crosses over to a headache inducing, drill-like mess here. Not their best.".
Poor ol' Sprockrooster disagrees... "Loving the prominent horns in this one.". Is anyone really all that surprised though?

I wasn't the only in thinking I underscored it. chris4862 "Gave this a lower rating based on memory, then listened and realized the critical error." and although he loves the melody, P'nutbutter thinks it's "Kind of overshadowed by their other ballads...".
Speaking of other ballads, CasperFan "always liked this one- a bit of an odd single choice , but a different sound from them, it reminds me a little in style of Dance (While the Music Still Goes On) and a nice key change.".

Mumty doesn't "care how cheesy this is, I love it. I absolutely love it." and while One Stop Candy Shop states it's "as schlager as Abba gets.", Filippa says it's "Kitsch as kitsch can.", but ultimately still likes it.

We'll end on haps who suddenly reminds me I'm still suffering from the mother of all hangovers...
"Feeling 4 beers in my blood after the first chorus.".
I feel ya, sis. I feel ya...

The video for the song was a bunch of close-ups put together...

...but they made something a lot lovelier for their 1975 Swedish TV special Made in Sweden for Export.

They went over to the US in 1975 to promote their third album and I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do was performed on quite a few television shows over there too, like American Bandstand...

...And here's the performance of it on the German Sylvester Tanz Party, where FRIDA NUDGES AGNETHA OMG!!!!11!!!1!

Swedish country band Nashville Train covered the song in 1976 for their ABBA In Our Way album.

In 1994, the song was used for the wedding scene in the Australian movie Muriel's Wedding, when the ABBA-mad lead (played by Toni Collette) walks up to the altar.

And in 2008 it was used in Mamma Mia!: The Movie for when Pierce Brosnan asks Meryl Streep to marry him after her daughter and her fiancé call off their wedding... Eventually it was never released as part of the soundtrack though.