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I Do is ok. It's certainly better better than Thank You For The Mushit and Eagle, which are still infecting the rate with their presence.
46. - a tie

'...How does it feel? I guess it hurts your pride... Tell me, my friend... How many nights you've cried...'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in The King Has Lost His Crown -


I love trolling you with these official covers...

Average: 7.3587
Highest score: 3 *
10.00 - @Uno @Mikey1701 @SecretsOfFatima
Lowest score: 5 * 5.00 - @Epic Chocolat @idratherjack @VivaForever @dancingwithmyself @Mina
My score: 6.50

We have a tie at #46 and the first to fall is the Voulez-Vous album cut The King Has Lost His Crown. It was released in 1979 as the fifth track on the album, but was actually written the year before and is one of only two songs (the other being Lovers (Live a Little Longer)) that survived the cutting room floor from the early writing session for the album, before Benny and Björn fled to America to try and create a sonically more interesting album than the one they were going to come up with, as both of them hated what they already had written and recorded...

Well, they must have like this one, because it ended up as the b-side to one of their biggest hits ever, namely Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) in 1979, which was actually never a part of the Voulez-Vous tracklisting, up until the remastered 2001 re-issue of the album...

Frida gives us a sultry little performance as a woman scorned, while Agnetha steps up in the background to give her sister a hand in telling her former playboy lover that he must feel pretty devastated now he's the one suffering from blue balls...

I think it's a nice little disco ditty, if a bit on the inoffensive, basic side... It kinda begins and then ends without really leaving an impression on me.

But hey ho... What did you all have to say?

Turns out great minds think alike, as ufint likes "this mid-tempo ballad/bop, the lyrics are quite good and so is the production, but it doesn't stand out on a strong album like Voulez-Vous.". And that's the simple T.

For SecretsOfFatima, however, it's a "Slinky, smooth mega-bop.", while Filippa fangirls and screams "Love this song!".

Mikey1701's a bit mouthier though... "Queen Frida has never sounded sexier than she has here (well apart from her solo masterpiece, Come To Me (I Am Woman)), with her seductive vocals on the verses. I remember being fascinated by the title and this was probably my most listened to track from the parent album as a child. These days, I tend to listen to other songs more- but this one will always hold a special place in my heart.". Bless you, girl.

He actually finds himself agreeing with his nemesis bichard for once... "This is how to do a ballad on a disco album. Nobody knows this song, but it's fucking brilliant nonetheless.". Look at you two finally getting along, eh?

Meanwhile, poor ol' Sprockrooster loves "the first verse having a lower register in the vocals.". Despite the song not being all that brilliant, Frida sounds sexy as fuck.

It didn't quite leave as much an impression on constantino though, as he sighs "Oh dear...just when I thought this album would be an all-killer, no-filler affair. This is not a bad song by any means, but compared to the rest of the album this really doesn’t match up.".
The same goes for kalonite... "I like the lyrics and the concept, but I'm not sold on the"... And Mina just thinks it's "Forgettable.".

Some of you were actually reminded of another late '70s icon... It's Sandy from Grease!
WhatKindOfKylie? thinks it "Doesn't really sound much like a ABBA song for me, in fact it almost sounds like an Olivia Newton-John cut from the 70's. That's not an insult by the way, but it just really doesn't feel much like them. OK. But still quite skippable if I had to.".
And while it starts "With a questionable beginning" for TrueBeliever, "it ultimately kicks into something gloriously reminiscent of Olivia Newton-John."...

CasperFan thinks these are some "Lovely vocals from Frida on the verses, so warm and silky. A nice dramatic chorus-love the contast from the low register vocals in the verses to the higher register in the chorus.", while "Sexy purring Frida voice is at its best." for Hudweiser...

After all this praise, let's have someone who actually dares to criticize your queen... Take to the stage, VivaForever! "Frida mentions in an interview on the Super Troupers DVD that this is her second-favorite ABBA song (after Dancing Queen). Frida can get taste. It's good enough but nothing special.".


Here's the performance they gave for their 1979 TV special ABBA in Switzerland, with a not-at-all scripted introduction from our four members...

Matt Pop also made a delicious remix for it as part of his '80s ABBA reworks.