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46. - a tie

'...This old dirty ceiling seems a little whiter... When you walked into the room it all got so much brighter...'
- Agnetha Fältskog in Lovelight -


I love trolling you with these official covers...²

Average: 7.3587
Highest score: 4 *
10.00 - @AGiantSheep @Mikey1701 @WhipperSnapper @nlgbbbblth
Lowest score: 1 * 3.00 - @Filippa
My score: 8.50

#46 is not a good number for our b-sides, it seems, as we lose the one to Chiquitita too, namely Lovelight. Written and recorded in 1978, it was one of the first songs to be recorded in ABBA's own Polar Studios during the early sessions for the Voulez-Vous album, but together with songs like Dream World, it was deemed not good enough to be put on an official ABBA album. Eventually they used it as the b-side to the aforementioned single, which was the lead single for the album, released in January 1979...

I think it's really lovely. It's light, it's perfect for spring, the girls' harmonies are excellent and the highlight for me is Agnetha's little bridge, just before the chorus hits... I actually thought this would do a lot better, but alas... It did make the top 50 though, so I can't be too mad, I guess.

Let's give the stage to our only vocal 10-giver, shall we?

"I’m not really sure why this wasn’t included on Voulez-Vous because it’s so instant and such a rush. The electric guitar, the frenetic chorus, the softly sung vocals. As with many of ABBA’s lesser known works, I first stumbled across this on More ABBA Gold (truly, one of my favourite albums of all time) and it’s always been one of my favourites. I’d have removed Lovers (A Little Longer) and put this in its place. A true #moment.".
Seriously... Bless Mikey1701, because the good sis ' heart must be bleeding with all of his 10s falling like flies these last few eliminations...

Filippa's been asking for it's head lately, so what did she have to say? "Ok, not really my song."... No shit. She's joined by Mina though, who gives this a short "Blah." and for WhatKindOfKylie? it starts off well as a "A nice enough little Disco ditty, but somehow loses its magic as the song goes on. So ends up being ok as opposed to amazing for me.". We'll take it!

P'nutbutter gives it a 9 and states "That's two underrated pop songs with the same title. (Robbie's the other obviously.)". Well, sis, for your enjoyment:

If you don't like the song, just look at the video, girls...

TrueBeliever thinks it "Starts off a bit wonky, but kicks into something quite beautiful and memorable. I could do without the vocoder." and while "The intro guitar sounded so promising",for poor ol' Sprockrooster, he's ultimately "not that invested in the rest of the track (aside from the brief returns from the guitar). Potential wasted.".

To bichard it's "A fabulous b-side that really should have been on the album (over you-know-what). The verses are a bit plodding, but that bridge and chorus are dripping in trademark ABBA soaring melodies and harmonies." and VivaForever deems it "Too good to have been relegated to a B-side."...
CasperFan, too, thinks it's "worthy of a place on the album.", because it has "Melancholy verses that lead to an uplifting chorus, a great b-side,".
And though it would have sounded a bit out of place on the album, so did you-know-what, so I'm inclined to agree with the above.

While "It’s fine" for SecretsOfFatima, "the verses bring it down in my view." and to Hudweiser "Agnetha's bits are great and the guitar work too, but it tires quite quickly after the second chorus.".

Give it to constantino to bring the Tea...
"Poor it being sandwiched between two of the very best songs in their discography. This is still lovely, and the intro is fantastic.".

The version that was released on the remastered 2001 re-issue of Voulez-Vous was an alternate mix, which had previously been issued on More ABBA Gold in 1993. It's shorter in lenght and seems to have a bit of a fuller production to it...

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Oh my "extravagant" 10s will show. But I already lost my 10s Andante, Andante and Gonna Sing You My Lovesong and a few more very high rated songs like Rock Me, My Love, My Life and One Man, One Woman.

But Lovelight? It's not really bad but to me the ABBA-magic isn't there. This could be from a band trying to copy ABBA but fails. And that's why I particularly don't like the song.

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Ooooh ya bastard! A 9.5 and a 9 in quick succession. Heathens!

I'd actually place Lovelight on VV not only over you know what, but also Lovers, Does Your Mother Know and even Chicky Teacup (adorable @Hudweiser!). It's brilliant.

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I'm really sad that "The King Has Lost His Crown" has to go so soon. I am just listening to it to say farewell. To me one of the best of Frida's lead vocals. And the chorus when Agnetha takes over is just so hilariously unforgiving!
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'...You make me think that you possibly could release me... I think you'll be able to make all my dreams come true... And you ease me...'
- Agnetha Fältskog in I've Been Waiting For You -


Anna getting a sole paragraph...

Average: 7.5326
Highest score: 8 *
10.00 - @Weslicious @idratherjack @Terminus @Gotnomoretosay @tylerc904 @Mikey1701 @GhettoPrincess @Angeleyes
Lowest score: 1 * 3.00 - @funkyg
My score: 7.50

I know a lot of you will be devastated by the fact we're losing this one before hitting the top 40.

At #45 we say goodbye to I've Been Waiting For You. Recorded in 1974, it was released that same year as the b-side to So Long, the lead single off their third album ABBA, which would appear in April '75. Having said that, it was actually given the A-side single treatment in Australia (where it became a minor top 50 hit as ABBA-mania was yet to break out over there) and New Zealand, where it went top 10...
It eventually made the album tracklisting too as the tenth song.

At the time this must have been a great little counterpart to the glam rock of So Long when turning around your little vinyl disc... Agnetha gives us a great performance, if a bit on the Disney-ish side, but that's not always a bad thing, Frida steps up in the harmony department and it builds up nicely until we all have our hands in the air na-na-ing along with the group until the fade-out... Yes, I just had a bit of a moment to it.

One Stop Candy Shop shares my opinion... "Two highlights in this song: 1) When they all belt out I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU 2) Those na-na-na-na's at the end.". Yes and yes, though you did give out a point and a half more than me...

To Ghettoprincess it's simply "beautiful, a rate discovery for me. Gorgeous vocals and the production compliments the feeling behind the song. Also I love how vulnerable it is then they come out shouting with I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU.".
...And this wasn't the last time the word 'beautiful' was used when describing this song.
Mikey1701? "This is just so beautiful, just like Gonna Sing You My Lovesong from the Waterloo album. It perfectly captures the euphoric, exquisite agony of falling in love (something that I’m going through myself gerls so this is very personal at the moment). The vocals are on point and the melody is warm, inviting and crystalline."
idratherjack? "Beautiful song which makes me think of my lovely boyfriend. I can relate to the lyrics of this so much."
Poor ol' Sprockrooster? "Beautiful adlibs in the chorus!"
Hudweiser? "Half a point deducted for that "I thought I would no more manage to hit the ceiling" line, this is still a beautiful pop ballad and could be a worldwide hit for any warbling diva who happened to come across it. The version in ABBA the Movie had a really nice ending to it too.".
't Is, sistren... 't Is.

It's not as instant for CasperFan though, as the song "always takes a while to get going, so a relatively low score, but when it does it’s a great song, great melody, lovely harmonies and the ‘I’ve Been Waiting For You Bit ‘ is just glorious." and to SecretsOfFatima it's only just "ok, the chorus is nice but other than that I never really listen to it truthfully.". chris 4862 "Never gave this much thought before the rate, I love that I can still be surprised by them...".

Mina calls it "One of the highlights off this otherwise mediocre album." and P'nutbutter simply says it's "Another song to swoon to...". Let's swoon together, sis!

While WhatKindOfKylie? simply thinks it's "Rather sweet and lovely, everyone in their life has waited for their dream love to come along haven't they, and this song describes that wish all so well.", others are getting their absolute life to this...
constantino screams "COME THE FUCK ON HARMONIES. This is heavenly I tell you, heavenly!", Weslicious shouts "Vocals, melody and emotion! Yas!" and tylerc904 goes a bit far in saying "One of Agnetha’s best vocals, if not THE best.".

bichard, however, wasn't here for the early leads, it seems... "So Aggie's lead on this album is no better than Frida's. I know lots of fans really rate this, but really, the only part of the song worth listening to is the "so now it seems my lonely nights are through...I've been waiting for you". The rest's a bit...shit.". Get your torches out, girls.

We'll end with Filippa who says this is "Agnetha at her best. But on this one Frida’s backing vocals truly shine. I love it." and for TrueBeliever this was "Their first truly great ballad replete with gorgeous, soaring vocals.".

A nice little performance video was shot for this song... Check out the wonderful CGI too, girls!

It was performed during their 1977 world tour and here's the clip they played of it in ABBA: The Movie.

Nashville Train covered it as part of their 1976 ABBA tribute album ABBA In Our Way...

...and ABBA tribute group Arrival covered it for their 1999 album First Flight.

God, those vocals are horrific.
Aww I was really hoping that one could keep going. It's one of my favorite album tracks. The scene of them performing it in The Movie always makes me emotional.

Deleted member 312

If Lana wants to cover an ABBA song, I think it should be that one.

Christ. Imangine her screeching out the title though. Even Aggie struggles!

No loss for me. I'd forgotten it was still in, so inconsequential do I find it. Should have fecked off about 20-30 places ago.