The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

The Piper...never expect it to last this long, so I am pleased I guess. It has slowly become one of my favourites as i've got older.

When I Kissed The Teacher...I did not give it a 10, but that may have been a mistake. I am realizing that I don't think I gave enough 10's. #ABBAproblems
The next one's even worse...

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Oh my god, lately I start believing my 11 will leave us soon (although I really don't know if @Remorque means my loss when saying the next one is even worse. Maybe some kind of over-relating ;-) )

So "When I Kissed the Teacher" is not that big loss for me. I can't share the fun ... I'm sorry! But hey "The Piper"? and "I've Been Waiting For You"? - How could this happen?

'...In the twilight hour I am alone... Sitting near the fireplace, dying embers warm my face... In this peaceful solitude... All the outside world subdued...'
- Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Like An Angel Passing Through My Room -



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My score: 10.00

Y'all are wrong for this.
I've taken names.

Benny and Björn started working on Like An Angel Passing Through My Room in 1981. The song started out as a disco number, not unlike Lay All Your Love On Me, and featured parts sung by both Frida and Agnetha. But the boys felt it sounded too similar to the Super Trouper track and the track was reworked into this unsettling atmospheric track, where the production is minimal and Frida's vocal is front and center, paired with suble strings, the sound of a ticking clock and a music box...

It's the sound of a woman who's lost love and she's struggling to find the motivation to move on. She's waiting for something that never actually comes... She's slightly losing her mind. Yes, to these ears
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room is a metaphor for madness.

It's the perfect closing track to the gloompop masterpiece that is The Visitors.

And you've thrown it out at a measily #42.


That's all I'm going to say on the matter.

To Hudweiser this is "Just songwriting perfection. It closes the album perfectly, like the opening track, conjures up Frida alone and sad in a big old house, possibly dying!?". Yes, that's one way of looking at it. This song's open to a lot of interpretation though...

Mikey1701 realizes this is "The only ABBA song to feature one vocalist in it’s entirety and Queen Frida sounds wonderful (as ever). Its beauty comes in its simplicity, it isn’t overly complex- the production is minimal and Frida’s lone vocal is sublime. A shining example of just why I love later-era ABBA, it’s just spellbinding. But as much as I adore this, I’m really curious to hear the full alternate disco take on the track that apparently sounds like Lay All Your Love On Me.". You can listen to a demo take of that version below, sis.

Let's get these out of the way, shall we?
To VivaForever "Madonna's is a 10, sorry not sorry." and while I think Madonna's is good, she doesn't even come close to the emotion of Frida's vocal... And that's the tea.
But are you ready for this, girls? It's WhatKindOfKylie?'s opinion on the song... "Only really saved from a zero personally by Frida's touching and as ever sublime lead vocal. Such a shame that such a fantastic final album ends on a rather damp squid, at least for me anyway!".


kalonite thinks it has "Nice enough vocals, but it's a bit boring really. An interlude more than anything. I feel like this is probably one that would grow on me. A lot of this album is like that...", while Epic Chocolate dares to call this "Forgettable.". I literally can't...

Meanwhile, Mina calls this "Generically pleasant." and ufint suddenly starts chanting "C'mon ghost! C'mon gloom! C'mon angels and heavens and skies! It's real pretty but there are a lot of songs on this album that are way more exciting."... idratherjack thinks it's "a shame their best album goes out with a bit of a whimper. Quite dull frankly..." and while "This is stunning and a pleasant change of pace" for constantino, he prefers "ABBA at their punchy and catchy power-pop best.".

I hope you all know this is making me die a little inside...

Uno gets "that it's not supposed to be a *BOP* and I do love the style of the song, but it probably should've been reduced by 2 minutes and made an interlude. Still a very pleasant song." and to TrueBeliever it sounds like a "Charming music box tune with earnest vocals by Frida, but not something I instantly equate with pop music. Makes me ready for night-night though!". For Filippa this is "The most beautiful good-bye I’ve ever heard. Maybe this person only goes to sleep or maybe it’s the last good-bye … Very haunting.". Indeed!

And while tylerc904 doesn't "dislike this by any means, it’s not a favorite. Frida sounds gorgeous though.", SecretsOfFatima feels "that the isolation of Frida’s voice is powerful in the message of the song, and it really tells a story.". Yes, and it's a harrowing one...

bichard gives us another tale of youth lost... "Frida is back in adult contemporary territory, but is better than those songs she got lumbered with on Super Trouper. Now I used to really HATE this in my formative years. Understandable, as there's really nothing for a 7 year old Mel and Kim fan to hook onto. Needless to say, I find it more palatable now but it still takes the crown of my least favourite on The Visitors. Still a 7 though, which isn't bad going!". I actually get what you're saying 100%, because this is one their most difficult and unaccessible songs though. It took a few years to grow on me too.

We'll end with CasperFan who states this is "Mesmerizing , a modern lullaby. Very hypnotic and maybe Frida’s best vocal.", P'nutbutter who proclaims this is "Outstanding and absolutely beautiful. No wonder Madge covered it." and poor ol' Sprockrooster who screams "What a closer! Ending the career on a high.".
YES! Let's hold hands and join a prayer circle for the rest of these heathens...

On the 2012 deluxe reissue of The Visitors the demo track From a Twinkling Star to a Passing Angel was released, which is a 9 minute collection of demos that was put together by Benny. For him Like An Angel Passing Through My Room was one of the best things they recorded during their later career and he wanted to show that, although the released version had sparse production values, it had been a work in progress up until the album release... And he actually confessed that he still wasn't sure that the version we actually got in the end was the best they could come up with.

The melody featured in the 1983 London version of the musical Abbacadabra was re-titled When Dreamers Close Their Eyes with new lyrics by David Wood and Don Black.

German singer Nina Hagen performed the song during one of her tv specials...

...and Madonna recorded a version with William Orbit in 1999 during the sessions for Music.

Swedish singer Anne Sofie Von Otter recorded a version for her 2001 album For the Stars, for which she received a little help from Benny, who plays the piano...

...and Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjebø recorded a version for her 2006 album Into Paradise. Here's a live performance of said rendition.

Swedish classical singer Myrra Malmberg recorded a cover for her 2011 album Another World...

...while Irish group Celtic Woman recorded it for their 2015 album Destiny.
Not sad to see this one go and I've tried to like it, god knows I have!

It just never shifts out of first gear and gets going.

Should I Laugh Or Cry would have made a better album closer for The Visitors.