The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

Not Me And I! This is the first one that really hurts. I know we have to say goodbye to these amazing album tracks to get to all the singles but this one deserved better. Brilliant little bop and a great discovery for me.

It really sounds like a late 80s song to me production-wise and I love the use of the vocoder years before Cher had even invented it.
Yes, ABBA were certainly way before their time with this one. Screams 1988 not that is a bad thing of course!
I'm not surprised because I believe people have been calling for it to leave for a bit, but it still doesn't justify the placement. Top 25 material.

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I would also like to add that my commentary about Frida's vocals being treated on Me & I wasn't just an assumption. It's stated in Bright Lights Dark shadows that towards the end of their career, Frida was more open to having her vocals tinkered with. Along with The Visitors, Me & I is quoted as a case-in-point!