The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The final...

I was involved in a similar kind of rate on a now defunct ABBA forum, and someone gave The Winner Takes It All a zero, called it their least favorite ABBA song, and went on a rant explaining why they thought it was so bad. It ended up at #9. I'm worried that will happen with Dancing Queen this time around, god forbid it happen to The Winner Takes It All again.
I was involved in a similar kind of rate on a now defunct ABBA forum, and someone gave The Winner Takes It All a zero, called it their least favorite ABBA song, and went on a rant explaining why they thought it was so bad. It ended up at #9. I'm worried that will happen with Dancing Queen this time around, god forbid it happen to The Winner Takes It All again.
That is an outrage!

For the record I gave both a 10. You can't not really. They are as perfect as pop music gets.

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I didn't give either song a 10.

*Heads for the storm shelter*

Me either. But one came very close. I prefer One of Us to Winner, so Winner is relegated to...not being the winner of the best AgnethaMegaBallad contest.
Under Attack at Mamma Mia is iconic. The dancers came out in neon life jackets and shower caps with neon pink and yellow gloves.

In my mind, a complete tribute to HRH Frida's devotion to criminal neon fashion in the mid 80s. Queen of obscure references in musicals!
I'm glad I found your 11.


Had it.
Lost it.
Back in February when this rate started.
That's almost six months ago and multiple litters of puppies if anyone's counting.

(The shade is written with love, @Remorque !)
(How the fuck will I pick an 11?)
The allusion in the thread title, perhaps?
I hope you all made the right choice also.


'...Losing you is a nightmare fate and to me it's new... Never before did you see me begging for more...'
- Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Kisses of Fire -


This is one for our Russian PJ hunites.

Average: 8.0217
Highest score: 11 *
10.00 - @TrueBeliever @One Stop Candy Shop @Weslicious @constantino @bichard @tylerc904 @WhatKindOfKylie? @Mikey1701 @SecretsOfFatima @GhettoPrincess @nlgbbbblth
Lowest score: 4 * 5.00 - @VivaForever @Sprockrooster @cityofdoomsday @dancingwithmyself
My score: 5.50

A cut from Voulez-Vous is the song to open our top 30! Kisses Of Fire. The album's closing track was written and recorded during the later writing sessions for the album, as Benny and Björn decided to leave the cold and rather conservative Stockholm for the more laidback and sunny Bahamas, where they would listen to more American music to try and find their mojo for the album after the first writing sessions only produced a couple of songs of which a lot were scrappped in the end...
During one of these sessions the boys wrote Voulez-Vous and Kisses Of Fire and went to Miami to lay down the instrumental with disco band Foxy. That's primarily why this song has so much of a disco feel to it. It opens as a ballad with Agnetha giving us a sweet monologue, then that chorus comes on and gets itself lodged into your brain featuring those fantastic harmonies during the later part of it, but then... That disco beat comes in and the girls turn into sexy Studio 54 sirens, which is definitely the highlight of the song.

Kisses Of Fire was released as the b-side to
Voulez-Vous or Does Your Mother Know, depending on which country you lived in and, as the former were quite big hits (and downright classics now), it made its way into many a fan's heart and has become quite the fan favourite.

Relistening to it now I realize I definitely underscored it. To the 11 people above... I'm truly sorry. It only opened itself up to me as of recently when before I was only able to hear a semi-decent Eurovision track when now I hear quite a daring disco track. Seaux...

WhatKindOfKylie? gets it SPOT. ON., stating "ABBA go all Donna Summer on us, with that slow brooding intro, but it just suddenly erupts into a full blown Disco bop! Ends the original release of Voulez-Vous on a superb high, just as As Good As New, started it.". I never thought I'd say this, but I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one, sis.

For TrueBeliever this is "One of their best non-single songs with an incredible chorus! Definitely should have supplanted the dreary I Have a Dream as a single, and it’s absolutely miles ahead of its A-side counterpart, Does Your Mother Know. Huge misstep for ABBA, I think.", with GhettoPrincess saying it "Should’ve been a single, great production and vocals." and Hudweiser guessing "This probably could've been a single, if not for ABBA than any other late-70s disco queen/group. It seems too good to be left to last and used as a B-side.".

I'm guessing you're all very correct, but as tylerc904 tells us that "More so than any other ABBA album were they spoiled for choice picking singles. This is an underrated classic.", most of the parent album could have been released as a single. constantino's getting his absolute LOIF to this one too... "Yet ANOTHER potential 11 from this album, God they were relentless, weren’t they?. I’m a sucker for some jingle-jangle guitars and the chorus is giving me absolutely everything I want. Agnete gives it so much welly in the chorus, which is easily one of the catchiest pop choruses of all time.". Who's Agnete, sis?

To Mikey1701 "Along with Angeleyes, this is probably the most straight up ABBA track on the parent album, although it still wears its disco influences on its sleeve. This makes the perfect, euphoric closer to what is a phenomenal album." and idratherjack agrees it's a "Great end to their triumphant disco album.".

Filippa must still be a bit sour after losing ha 11, yet calls this "One of the typical happy-go-lucky ABBA songs. I love it.". P'nutbutter simply states it's "Incredible.", while SecretsOfFatima goes one further, calling it a "Climactic masterpiece.".

ufint thinks it has "Boring verses,", but redeems himself and says it also has an "incredible hook.", but poor ol' Sprockrooster is one of our lowest scorers and to him it's "A bit hectic and all over the place.", which makes me wonder if he's talking about his scores...
The fact the song transcends genres is what makes it special to CasperFan though. "This songs makes you think this will be a dreary ballad and then THAT chorus kicks in , taking it to another level. The most annoying/fun thing about it is trying to time when that chorus kicks in when singing along-I always miss it and consider it a major triumph if I get it just about right! And a lovely key-change towards the end.". One Stop Candy Shop gets the *feels* each time he listens to it, explaining "When the song goes a bit 'disco' after the first chorus I always get goosebumps.". It took me a while, but I'm experiencing the same right now.

It's grown on bichard over the years, as he "didn't appreciate it in my formative years, but along with If It Wasn't For The Nights and Angeleyes this is one of the most ABBA songs on the album. Wonderful melody, harmonies...everything.".

Mina actually gave this a high score of 8 points, calling it
"Quite a strong non-single. Totally genre-crossing, but the chorus melody reminds me of the middle-eight of Billy Joel's River of Dreams.". Bish where?

The song was performed for their 1979 tv special ABBA in Switzerland.

ABBA tribute band Arrival recorded a cover for their 1999 album First Flight.

Seriously... Those fucking vocals. That fucking production. Ugh.

In 2011 Benny Anderssons Orkester performed a version of the song for their BAO 10 är concert in Sweden.

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Kisses of Fire was in the running for my 11. It's just glorious. I think when I was younger, I was put off by its pretence of being a ballad at the beginning, so never really gave it a chance. Following the tepid Lovers probably didn't help either, as I think I just assumed they'd run out of steam by that point and just switched the album off during the first verse.

But fuck me if it isn't one of my favourite ABBA songs now. This one definitely is better than Dancing Queen. Glorious stuff.